Gashumba Vs NBS: Motor-mouthed Social Activist Threatens Celebrated TV Station with Court Suit over ‘Defamation’

Gashumba and Mivule. The latter has retained his position at the show

KAMPALA, Uganda: Following social media con allegations against Frank Gashumba by a one Ben Baggio Nyombi, the NBS Television decided to take action by having the political and social activist’s Talk-show, The Eagle, moderated, fearing Gashumba would use it to hit back at his accusers uncontrollably, the Investigator has reliably learnt.

Speaking to the Investigator last evening, an authoritative NBS source revealed that the media house chose to moderate Gashumba and Basajja Mivule’s show after the latter failed to perform his obligations as a host but a panelist as well. However, in a meeting at the Kamwokya based Media House, Gashumba shunned the idea. “He felt bigger than the show,” said the source.

Following this development, Gashumba chose to resign and the Station received the same with two hands. He then took to his social media platforms and clarified his stance. Titled ‘Naked Truth why I resigned from NBS,’ Gashumba said he wasn’t in position to work under the regulations of NBS producers.

“In January this year, I received a phone call from Mr. Kin Kariisa, CEO NBS Television and asked why I no longer feature on his TV station and I told him he should ask his management especially moderators…” He further said that the moderators’ mindsets rotate on hosting politicians for reasons better known to them.

Gashumba’s judgmental lamentations did not go down well with the TV Station whose marketing manager Pamella Adongo issued a statement, explaining why the television station chose to do away with Gashumba.

“After several successful episodes we decided to enlist the services of Mr. Simon Muyanga as a moderator to give viewers more value. The current format hardly differentiates who the panelist and moderator are and it’s in this spirit that we realized the need for someone to direct the show,” wrote Adong in part.

She added that he did not like the proposal and first opted out. “He then decided to reconsider the proposal. Unfortunately, this came through at the time when individuals claiming that they had been conned by Mr. Frank Gashumba had approached NBS management team. To NBS, image is critical and to this end we are also reviewing the image of Mr. Frank Gashumba in relation to our brand over the flying allegations…”

The last paragraph did not appease Gashumba who, has chosen to drag NBS to courts of law, claiming that they judged him a conman yet they lacked jurisdiction over the same since they aren’t Court. Through his lawyers of Mushabe, Munungu and Company Advocates, Gashumba has given 24 hours to NBS to withdraw their statement or be dragged to court.

“Take further notice that if you don’t desist from your defamatory statements and / or broadcasts, publish a retraction through the same Facebook wall and formally apologize to our client on NBS Television during prime time within twenty four (24) hours heretofore, we have instructions to file a law suit against NBS TV and the person who signed the letter.”

Our NBS source has insisted that the Station is ready to stand in the dock, saying Gashumba should work on his image first or he braces self for more exposure. “We receive several private messages complaining about his person but we instead chose not to use them against him but rather moderate him.”

Even before the expiry of the ultimatum, Gashumba went down onto his wall and below, we reproduce his unedited post:  “NBS TV; yes you have an image to protect but remember, Frank Gashumba is a brand!!!

The letter that has today been circulating on various social media platforms in regard to my departure from NBS TV shows you how low our institutions and organizations have sunk. How low should our institutions sink to hit rock bottom? When I tell you that this country is dead, I don’t refer to the politics and government institutions alone.

Each and every fiber of this country is dead, that’s why we urgently need divine intervention. Only God can save us from this state of idiocy and hopelessness. How can a Chief Marketing Officer write such a defamatory letter? Even protocol wise, such a letter can’t be written by a marketing officer!! It’s the HR department that handles such matters. I resigned from NBS TV on the 17th March 2017 and told them clearly that there was no way UCC cab determine how NBS runs its shows, they can only regulate.

So when someone says that I changed my mind, that person needs mental assessment. Some of us have values and principles that have kept us alive!! Who is Simon Muyanga to moderate a show that I single handedly hatched? Eagles don’t fly with other birds.

Where has it been written, Bible or Quran that every show in Uganda must be moderated? Is it listed anywhere in the UCC regulations manual? Is it part of the Ugandan broadcasting standards? VILLAGERS!! Back to my point; when did a TV Station become a Police Station? How can a TV station rely on falsehoods and not labor to find out the truth but rather act recklessly? Why would a TV station like NBS act on hearsay?

How can NBS TV be the complainant, the investigator, prosecutor, judge and a Supreme Court? Gashumba has his physical address and place of work known. A few meters from my office, there is a police station, I don’t drive a tinted car, neither do I move with military or police escorts.

Why would complainants instead of coming to my office or report or file a case at Police station resort to reporting to NBS TV? Who are these so called complainants anyway? Do they even exist? I have henceforth instructed my lawyers to take on NBS TV. Sometimes, when we keep quiet we are taken for fools! In my life, I don’t fight small wars, I go in for serious battles!!! I will leave the rest for my lawyers to handle.

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