What if Kaweesi had Survived? Eye Witnesses Would Immediately be Declared as Having been Bribed

RIEP: The slain Kaweesi when alive and after his death (BG)

KAMPALA, Uganda: While there is a outpouring of grief and spasms of shock over the shooting to death of AIGP Felix Kaweesi and his aides, with sprinklings of wizardry in form of sully words against the deceased by a few incorrigible, inhumane quarters, it’s possible that he could have survived had he and his team spotted the killers early enough and taken them out or brought them under physical restraint in time.

But what would have been said by ‘observers’ had the lucky ‘if’ applied?  One can safely bet that they would be all over Kaweesi, alleging extrajudicial misuse of instruments of force and lethal power i.e. guns and ammunition, tax payer’s resources via the official vehicle and fuel, etc. Nobody is demanding that the killers pay for repair of the damage to government asset in the 4*4 vehicle but they would have blamed Kaweesi had he survived and the car gotten shattered as it is. They would claim it was stage-managed and raise all manner of attempts at rationalizing their theory, with some of them “shooting” from thousands of miles away from the scene.

Parents, relatives and friends of the dead or apprehended attackers would come out to claim innocence of their people but today they are as dead in silence as Kaweesi and his aides, claiming to be touched and in mourning with the rest of us.

It would have been claimed that the senior officer, while his victims were stranded near his gate with broken down means of commute motor cycle, he did nothing to help but instead pumped lead into their heads. He would be branded a good-for-nothing coward, heartless, uneducated (with a Masters) and undeserving of his job. That he had been promoted because he is Rwandan, etc.

They would add that he stole the house he stayed in and that his wife was snatched from someone else and that because of his brutality, she was rarely seen with him in public and that the pregnancy she carried was not his.

They would allege that the attack was designed by him and colleagues so as to justify demands for a bigger budget to acquire armored cars and lead cars for all of them (as if other citizens were not human).

Any witness who spoke out on what they saw would immediately be declared as having been bribed to say what they did and that they are members of ISO or State House or from Rwakitura.

The ethnicity of the killers (in this case, victims) would come into play.  If they were from the West, the topic would be that they were in a plot to steal something together and that Kaweesi had ripped them off and needed to get them out of the way.

If they were from East or North, it would be that “biological substances had been exterminated”.

And if they were from Buganda, the claim would be that their land is targeted and that Kaweesi is also overall boss of iron bar hit gang that kill cyclists and make away with their motorbikes (boda-bodas) and that he wanted to snatch the one they had been fixing.

The killing of the attackers would become political and it would be suggested that the senior cop should have first reported to local leaders like Munyagwa and the Mayor and LCs before taking out the assailants, as if luxury of time applies in such instances.

The man would be a subject of calls for ICC trial, on top of claiming that those he shot were remnants of the Kasese group he had offended when he defended government against allegations of ‘genocide in Kasese’ and that they had come to seek justice but instead they had also been taken down by the same ‘criminal.’

They would say power had gotten to his head and that he felt sweet because he had taken a reading at a papal mass, that he had marched the Queen on parade when she visited and that Kayihura was his real father hence the indelible link between them.

Calls for katebe would deafen us; the people of Lwengo would deny him being their son and immediately scuttle plans for him to be their area MP. They would write small notes to the bosses piling on him gross allegations of personal misdeed and embellish those with claims that he eyed the IGP’s seat before time and that he also wanted to be President and he is in fact on the payroll of a foreign country and that he was serving their interests to annoy the public so as to cause the government to crumble.

Had the deceased AIGP lived to tell the day’s story, he would be the villain and anti-hero and not the martyr and patriot wizards are chorusing over today. Even then, it’s a matter of days and he and his family will be all alone.

We know our people and we call upon any serious human being to not mind what everyone thinks of them but have only a few confidants who understand them. In any case, one only needs four people to lift his or her casket; may be six for the plump ones among whom Kaweesi was none.

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