A Story of the Rise to Fame of Prophets and Prophecies in Uganda

pastors Yiga and Kayanja
pastors Yiga and Kayanja

Uganda is the second country in Africa, next to Nigeria, to be endowed with ‘Prophets’ and ‘Men of God’. It has been found out by researchers that the current trend has been catalyzed after Uganda falling victim of different natural calamities since the time of independence.

At first Pastors and Men of God would work miracles and back here in Uganda we could just watch them on TV and hear over radios.

The most remembered international include Billy Graham, Benn Hinn, T.D Jakes, Jimmy Swarghat. Their influence here was very much hindered by the Idd Amin’s dictatorial regime when he banned Pentecostal church activities in Uganda.

Peace and freedom of worship was restored after the ousting of the dictator in 1979 when world evangelism was rekindled and spread like bush fire.

Since then Prominent Prophets and Men of God came to dominate the Pentecostal churches in Uganda.

Given the destructive liberation wars, epidemics and untold poverty levels, many people listened to them and embraced their teachings.

Who is a prophet? In simple terms, a prophet is understood as an individual who is inspired by God to teach or proclaim the will and divine messages of Him to the people in societies.

Or a prophet is a chosen person who warns, directs, encourages and intercedes with the word of God. Since the biblical times, prophets have been sent by God to His people to interpret His will  and act as mediators among societies, churches, nations, kingdoms and rulers.

In the Holy Bible and Holy Koran, we read about prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Moses and many others who conveyed different messages to God’s people.

Who is a true prophet?  A true prophet prophecies in the name of God and seek to glorify the Lord. He will keep the law and abide by the testimony of the bible. If a prophet does not keep the commandments then he is a false prophet.

In the bible St John warned against false prophets thus; “Beloved, believe not every spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby, know ye the spirit of God …….’’.

A true prophet believes and preaches the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jesus also warned against false prophets. ‘’For there shall rise false prophets and false Christ and shall show great signs and wonders’’.

During the time before Christ, prophets used to play a big role mediating between God and His people. Prophets and prophetesses would be sent to kings and their subjects purposely to warn against evil deeds of rulers or the entire society and foretell the possible consequences and to condemn the evils of institutions and guiding them to the right track.

Prophets in Uganda: In Uganda the concept of prophets and prophetesses has taken a controversial trend. Many individuals have sprung up proclaiming themselves prophets and Men of God. Especially these bad days of poverty, diseases, adversities and many situations which happen to torment mankind.

Any ordinary man cannot distinguish between a true prophet and a false one. There is a lot of extortion of money and other kinds of wealth. Men of God are exploitatively amassing wealth from their unsuspecting followers.

People have run to ‘prophets’ and ‘men of God’ for remedies to their ill-luck and misfortunes. These prophets claim to be the anointed ones sent to mankind to save them of their transgressions. The poor, the sick the marginalized, less privileged and physically handicapped run to them for counsel.

In the process we see the ‘anointed men and women of God’ exploiting the poor and needy are busy enriching themselves.  You will find them driving posh cars, building mansions and castles and frequenting western cities for luxurious honey moons and holidays at the expense of poor believers.

Some popular prophets in Uganda

Pastor Augustine Yiga 

He has enjoyed a front position among the famous pastors in Uganda. His fame and popularity have rested on personal claim to possess supernatural powers to reverse the ailments and problems to wherever they might have originated from. He is popularly referred to as ‘Abizzayo’, which literally means he sends back in vengeance. Incidentally he has been involved in endless sex scandals with his female followers who claim to have been sexually abused and exploited by him and on several occasions matters have been running in courts of law.

However, this has not stopped him from attracting believers. His church has realized a mammoth of followers going by his claim to be a man of God. He has of late discovered the miraculous ‘Holy fish’ project which has been selling like hot cake to his followers at exorbitant price.

Samuel Kakande 


His ministry have long been questioned in several circles. His standout and fame increased after his separation with his former wife, prophetess, Loy Kakande. His method of ministering is so unique since he has been related to Prophet John   Obili from Nigeria who is believed to possess supernatural powers.

He is known to be mixing lust for money with church ministry. His recent introduction of Holy water and holy rice has confirmed this.

Like many of his fellow pastors the devil has not spared him, he has been involved in many scandals running at his back. He has a big number of followers who go for miracles and blessings.

His onetime aide, Pastor Solomon Moses Male has a lot to tell about this man of God.

Pastor Robert Kayanja 

He has survived waves and tide in his ministry. At Rubaga Miracle center you will find him teaching and healing the sick plus administering blessings from God. He is known for his generosity to his followers as he dishes out sums of money and valuable properties to the needy among his congregation.

He was once involved in cases of alleged Sodomy with his youthful followers. He is a man who has amassed wealth through organizing special crusades code named 77DOG (77 days of Glory) where multitudes have to come and receive miracles. He has attracted more celebrities and socialites than any of his competitors.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga 

He has kept a low profile since his recent battle in courts in America when he was charged with child molestation.He has entirely concentrated on his TV and radio projects.

Pastor Imelda Namutebi

She is one of the prominent female pastor in the country. Her problem was when she snatched someone’s hubby and took him forever. God knows.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi 

He was one time fighting battles in court with alleged sodomy. He explained his case but few were convinced. Since then matters have faded dramatically.

Pastor William Muwanguzi 


Popularly known as ‘Kiwedde’ meaning it is finished. He has sinned several times before heaven and earth that he can no longer stand before God to receive anointment. He has lost respect before his flock and cannot command respect anymore.

He has proved himself to be a continental conman and international fraudster. As man reapth what he sowth , he is currently languishing in cells for a chain of crimes committed in broad day light.

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