Nalufeenya ‘Chief Torturer’ speaks out: Kayihura the Individual has long lost Command and Control

Investigator's Stanley Ndawula (L) chats with Burora over the weekend

Recently, fliers carrying photos of Herbert Anderson Burora, a renowned NRM government supporter and proclaimed Chairman for Concerned Citizens. On the posters were words; “BUSTED: NALUFEENYA CHIEF TORTURER,” with a sticker concluding that Burora is the man behind the infamous Nalufeenya tortures. He looked us up for a quick chat and cleared the air as below.

What’s the matter Ndugu?   

On the 5th of May 2015, I published an apology on my Facebook wall, to the public as a member of the NRM and in it, I condemned TORTURE. I also promised in my subsequent posts, to protest against the Re-appointment of Gen. Kale Kayihura as Inspector General of Police (IGP), basing not only on my beliefs that are actually not opinions but voices of citizens. So they were not Just opinions but facts.

However, I was surprised when, on 22nd May 2017, a one Nsubaaga Chrys, Charles Rwomushana and another account called Kifeesi Police Watch, which is ran by police to single out names of people who ‘hate the force,’ ran on their walls what they termed ‘BREAKING NEWS,’ claiming they had evidence that I was the head of Nalufeenya torture chambers.

You’re not the one. Why would you bother?

Well, this might have been taken for granted as some friends advised that I ignore, but then when I sat down, I realized that I was under attack.

How one would sit, get images of you, download them into their computers, and graphically align them! I could guess how they looked for the right words to append and then, forward them to the rightful person who will finally implement the plan. This clearly shows there was a pre and post arrangement.

Why would they employ such efforts, in your view?

The Spirit to those whose logic chips are still normally performing, I can see this was not aimed at exposing me nor was near the truth. It was aimed at diluting my efforts towards exposing and condemning torture within the Police.

The posters bearing Burora photos that were circulated

Diverting the attention of Ugandans because they know they are always easily swayed away from matters of national interest. But, the truth will always remain paramount in all ways, I stand by my conscience and belief that what is wrong will always be wrong. Nothing else can divert that. I will always be on record. Because I write.

But you’re NRM and whoever emerges to correct errors in the system is viewed as deserter?

My Criticism of the government I support and voted in power can’t and won’t stop. I think it’s my role as a concerned citizen to raise my voice against what is wrong. Demanding what is right for the society is my cardinal Job, so I guess until am proved otherwise, I can’t rest my case.

Kayihura, as an individual has contributed to Police’s advancement. But due to his long stay, he has lost command and control. This explains why we are seeing all sorts of hogwash emanating within restricted areas. That is why we see unwarranted arrests and tortures. That is why we see all sorts of unprecedented events.

What does this mean?

This means that the previously repaired image of the Uganda Police with the public has not lasted for long. Police had become a friendly force but now when you see what is happening in the media, which police has never denied, you realize that there is something gravely wrong.

Kaweesi’s Murder has left everyone confused. It has sent everyone in disarray, security forces are also not in touch with whatever is taking place. This kind of investigations and those in it are all of their kind, so am here wondering… did Aliens kill Kaweesi? Did aliens wear human faces and did it?

It is said that there are two Boda-bodas that were used to kill the man along with his driver and bodyguard, but in my understanding, I still think even Police is not aware of how many have so far been arrested and how many are on the run. I still don’t understand.

Are you shaken?

No. And I will be writing more of my scanty thoughts about Kaweesi, but wherever Kaweesi is, Kayihura should know that his former assistant deserves Justice. And he should know that one day they will face-off again and what he needs to tell the man will not have to be apologies, neither will they have to be explanations but what it is supposed to be.

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