UPDF Major Nails Makerere University Legal Advisor Muhumuza on Using His Admission Form to Study at Mubs

In trouble: Goddy Muhumuza

KAMPALA, Uganda: This investigative website has been running stories in a series touching on the above scandal. At the center of the scandal is Goddy Muhanguzi Muhumuza. He is the senior legal advisor to Makerere University.

Police investigations pieced up by the Investigator accuse Muhumuza of using another student’s admission form to gain entry at the former National College of Business studies (NCBS), this day Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

According to these investigations, this is how Muhumuza ended up obtaining a diploma in UCBS and got a chance to upgrade to Law from Makerere University.  He is currently employed by Makerere University as a senior legal advisor and he is also in the race to become the overall legal director.

A UPDF major has since come up to shame Muhumuza as an impostor. The Major was a classmate of Muhumuza at Ntare School. He reveals that the admission form Muhumuza used to study at NCBS was his. The Major is Joab Kambwenu Yebazibwe. He resides in Kazo, Bwaise in Kawempe Division, Kampala district.

And while Kambwenu has since recorded a relevant statement with police and the matter forwarded to courts of law, nothing meaningful was done by the people in the judiciary towards getting to the bottom of this scam. On the contrary, Muhumuza is not only walking free but even his questioned academic documents are intact!

And as we have reported before, he is actually serving as a senior legal advisor to the country’s prestigious university! Back to Kambwenu’s police statement.  He wrote the statement in 2008. It was recorded by No. 23565 Detective Corporal Hakim Naku. Kambwenu starts off by confirming that Muhumuza was his classmate at Ntare School. “He was my classmate at A-Level from 1985-1987.”

He notes that ahead of sitting for his A-Level exams he made two applications:  one seeking to join the National College of Business Studies (NCBS) now Makerere University Business School and another applying to study at Makerere University.

“I was subsequently admitted at Makerere University and thereby abandoned my second choice of NCBS),” Yebazibwe attests. He then reveals how he was startled in 2008 to learn that Muhumuza had ‘used’ the admission form he had abandoned  not only gain admission to NCBS, but also to study a diploma in UDBS.

How did he find out this? The soldier explains that on getting wind of the scam, he checked records at the Makerere University Business School (MUBS). MUBS have since taken over NCBS. He checked with MUBS because he wanted to confirm whether such a thing had taken place or not.

“I realized that my names in the admission form had been erased to read Muhumuza Ye Goddy. I also checked the government sponsorship form which bore my names initially but also altered with an eraser to read “Muhumuza Ye Goddy M.”

Luckily enough, Police had also taken interest in the matter at that time. So Kambwenu paid a visit to CIID headquarters at Kibuli.  While there, detectives handed him Muhumuza‘s O’ level and A’ Level certificates to look at.  He realized that the two documents bore Muhumuza’s real names of Muhumuza Muhanguzi Goddy.

He then confirmed to police “These are the real names of the person I know and who was my classmate. I have never known Muhumuza Muhanguzi Goddy as Yebazibwe with initials J.K. I wish to clearly state that Yebazibwe J.K are my names / initials. More on this scandal on the way!

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