Crime Promoters? Civil Rights Activist Dissents visit by Germany Police Boss to Gen. Kale Kayihura’s Office

Gen. Kayihura (M) with Mr. Michael Krestcmer (Next R) along with Germany and Uganda Police officers. (Inset is the Seruga)

NAGURU, Kampala, Uganda: The Germany ambassador to Uganda has come under scathing attack from civil rights activists following his recent visit to the police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala.

Titus Seruga, a Human Rights Defender based in Belgium described the visit by H.E Dr. Peter Blomeyer, The Head of Mission Germany Embassy in Uganda as an endorsement to acts that are considered an abuse to Human Rights.

“Uganda Police is under the spotlight for all the bad reasons ranging from unexplained deaths, torture, brutality and extrajudicial killings etc.… These have all been documented by the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty international,” wrote Seruga, who has lately become a thorn in the flesh of some of the police officers via social media.

Unlike the many social media government and police critics who use pseudo accounts to air out their plight with the government, Seruga does it openly with his unhidden identity and address. He notes that Ugandans expect Germany and the EU to be at the frontline against human rights’ abuse but unfortunately, they have both been quiet as people continue to die and seek refuge in their countries.

The timing of the envoy’s visit as claimed and widely publicized by the Uganda Police on 20/6/2017, says Seruga, “is an embarrassment to Germany and the EU and will be widely condemned by right thinking Human Rights Degenerate,” he observed.

“At the time when Uganda Police is widely criticized for torture and unlawful detentions in Nalufeenya detention facility, at the time when Ugandans are pushing for justice and prosecution of perpetrators of these crimes like Gen Kayihura and Nixon, your visit is a sign of endorsement even when the Ugandan president has openly acknowledged criminals in police and promised to handle.”

Seruga says that a plan to protest the visit is done. “[We shall do this] at the EU headquarters in Brussels next week in support of victims of the brutal criminal police force which you support by the fact of your visit.” He notes that Germany and the EU have the legal and moral responsibility to protect this world against criminal forces. “Kindly revisit your EU laws and policies which prevent EU members from associating with criminal elements.”

In the dossier, a copy of which he shared with the Investigator, the activist concludes thus; “I hope Ugandans receive clarification as to why you (Germany envoy) had to endorse Uganda Police activities which are under a lot of criticism, we are under the impression that your interest is in selling teargas and weapon than seeing justice, law and order prevail in Uganda.”

Our calls on the Embassy were positively met with acknowledgement of Seruga’s letter and a promise to get back to us. Whereas Seruga accuses the Ambassador of visiting Kayihura, we understand that the General instead hosted the Vice President of the German Federal Police – BKA Mr. Michael Krestcmer who was in the country for a three-day working visit.

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