Guilty as Charged! Mayuge LC V Boss Bongo for Arrest as DPP Sanctions His Forgery Charges

The Late Muwaya (L) and Bongo

KAMPALA, Uganda: Also son to the slain Sheik Abdul Kadir Ductoor Muwaya, boss Omar Bongo Ductoor is in utter trouble and ripe for arrest. This is after the Buganda Road Court State Attorney last week sanctioned the forgery charges against him.

The 36yr old Mayuge District Chairman and resident of Kavule Zone ‘B’ is faced with four counts of uttering false documents contrary to Section 351 of the Penal Code Act and one count of intermeddling with the property of a deceased person contrary to Section 11 of the Administrator General’s Act.

Vide Police file number CRB 174/16 of CPS Kampala, Bongo is said to have committed the offences on April 15th 2015 in Kampala at Georgian House, Administrator General’s office where, he knowingly and fraudulently uttered false documents claiming that his siblings Ductoor Fatuma, Zeinab Ductoor Nakato, Abdu Kadir Babirye and step Mom Mariam Baseff Ductoor, each signed a consent to have him secure letters of administration to their slain father and husband, Sheik Ductoor Muwaya’s estate whereas not.

In the documents he uttered, Bongo claimed that all of the complainants were unreachable as they were at school away in Nairobi yet they were all around in Kampala and Jinja, Mayuge respectively. Using the forged documents, Bongo proceeded to abuse their fallen father’s estate. He changed several vehicles into his names, claimed that the deceased left a huge loan before he kicked them out of home.

They satisfactorily convinced the handwriting expert, the police and later State Attorney that they actually never appended their signatures to the consent documents, hence qualifying the criminal charges against the Chairman. Bongo, who is out on police bond has lately managed to dodge police by sending his lawyers to answer to the bond. He however can’t do it forever. Court want him in the dock.

“Omar Bongo Ductoor Muwaya in the year 2015 in different parts of Mayuge, and Kampala districts without being authorized by law or without the authority of the Administrator General intermeddled with the property of the Late Abdul Kadir Ductoor Muwaya in respect of motor vehicles UAR 896Q Toyota Noah, UAQ895N, Mark II, UAQ 938Y Mark II, UAH 855 Toyota Dyna, UAH 266S Toyota Station Wagon and UEC 060G Bajaj Boxer,” reads in part the statement of offence.

The sanctioned charges (L) and mediation cancellation


Meanwhile, back home in Jinja, Court has cancelled the unending mediation course that has been on for close to two and a half years, citing Bongo’s luck of seriousness. In the civil suit number 177/15 of High Court Jinja, Bongo is accused of fraudulently usurp the powers of administration of the estate before he deprived some of the family members of the right to a fair share of their departed dad and husband.

“Attempted mediation failed and was definitely closed by Judge Eve Luswata. Now the matter has been referred to hearing before Judge Michael Elubu who will give the hearing date,” wrote the Registrar. Bongo, during the now failed mediation had said there was a Shs1bn debt he was servicing. The family says the debt is merely trickery b him to avoid grave charges of diverting hundreds of millions from the fallen Sheikh’s coffers.

Bongo, whose heirship is already labeled as fake just as the Ushs1Bn debt, had mentioned the liability for the first time while appearing before Justice Eve Luswata in Jinja. Indicted also for allegedly converting several pieces of land forming part of the deceased’s estate, Omar claims that his dad took the loan from the Ahlul Bait Islamic Foundation (U) Limited.

Muwaya Senior headed the Islamic NGO above. His family asserts that the deceased never took the loan Omar is talking about. Hearing of the case was due to begin, but the judge had shelved it to give the family and Omar time to resolve their issues amicably, through the now botched mediation.

The judge tasked Omar and the family to compile a list of all the pieces of land left behind by the deceased. The family started on the task on February 23 2017 and spent a month at it. This arose after Omar claimed that most of the land belonged to the NGO above. The family rejoins, saying Omar is saying this in order to avoid prosecution for transferring the land to himself.

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