Pres Museveni Concurs with Investigator CIP Records as he Laments Kayihura’s Poor Administration Style

L-R: Kayihura, Kirumira and President Museveni

ENTEBBE, Kampala, Uganda: Since the launch of Crime Infiltrated Police Records aka CIP Records series, we religiously vowed to help clean the Uganda Police of criminal elements in the Civil Force. Indeed, we have, against all odds, risking lives inclusive, tried our best to file all the atrocities committed by ‘members’ of the force in the midst of the society, with not a single knowledge of  the dwellers.

In Part One of the series under the headline; CIP Records P.I: Facts Why Gen. Kale Cannot Clean Police of the Trash he Himself Littered the Force with, we elaborated how Gen. Kayihura had swept and kept under the carpet, the very trash he was meant to clean out of ‘his house,’ just as had been directed by his Commander in Chief the President at the vigil of one of his fallen Assistants, Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

In response to our mission, the General’s reserves elected to physically look for Yours Truly, and eternally silence me before the series could see their prosperous future. ‘God forbid,’ said some of the Online Media Houses and the ONLY mainstream, NBS TV. Together we raised the voices in favor of the Court of Public Opinion (CPO). And here, we report the fruitful results.

The story

Having [stealthily] received my letter complaining about the fatal plans against me, the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni went down to work. He reportedly called for and indeed received all the CIP Records, analyzed them and satisfied, he sent his intelligence teams to verify. The results were overwhelmingly positive. He made up his mind to recall the police powers unto him…

We can exclusively and authoritatively report that on Wednesday (May 31st 2017), without Gen. Kayihura’s consent but a summon as others, President Museveni called all District/Division Police Commanders (DPCs), Regional Police Commanders (RPCs) District/Divisional Security Officers (DISOs), Directors from Uganda Police Force and Residence District/Divisional Representatives (RDCs) from Kampala Metropolitan, Greater Masaka and Kyoga Region (Central Region).

In the meeting that started at 4:00pm, the ostensibly calm, cool-headed Commander in Chief (CiC), dressed casually and in sandals, took the podium seat as officers struggled to stand and salute the fountain of honor. He beckoned them to take their seats, cleared his voice and greeted them in different dialects as he made his gazing trade-mark of rolling his eyes through them.

“The reasons I called you here are simple. I have just a few questions whose answers, if got and solved, will lead to solutions to the rampant criminality in your areas.” The President went about the recent slaughtering of innocent people in the region and wondered why the victims never make any alarms. “Why do these thugs go cutting people without any alarms made by victims,” he reportedly wondered.

After a slight pose, he resumed; “Okay if the alarms are made, where is the police, with all the facilitation in terms of motorcycles, motor vehicles, manpower and dogs allover? Yes, dogs may not help much to get the suspects but they will help you know where the suspects stopped. Did they jump on a boda-boda or a car… then you can identify what type of thugs you’re dealing with.”

The President, who seemed well briefed and never wanted any explanations but giving a lecture to the officers, posed and gazed at them… “Well, let’s assume the alarm is made and you respond in time. On several occasions, you have arrested suspects. Where do those suspects end? Where are the records and if you truly have arrested the real suspects, why are people killed again?”

Without giving them time to answer, the Commander in Chief started offering the remedy to the officers’ problems. Museveni told the meeting that the problem was with police’s poor management and administration. He said intrigue, criminality, corruption and extortion had infiltrated the Force to the core and warned the IGP Gen. Kayihura to pull up his socks.

“For example, during campaigns and general elections, you see police officers trying their best to manage the errant elements and they conclude their duties without adventures. After elections, they are cleared and posted upcountry as their positions are filled by classy [armchair] officers.” These classy officer, the president said, survive on extortion and bribery in connivance with state attorneys to kill cases for ‘clean’ money. “Laxity is killing the security forces,” he calmly but painfully noted.

At this point, the President gave an example of ASP Mohamed Kirumira who, after netting a number of thugs as OC Nansana and DPC Old Kampala, was transferred to a deep upcountry stations like Buyende. “The officers who prove vigilant in fighting crimes are instead victimized. They are so demotivated by their bosses creating fake charges against them. They have lost the love for the Force and the service to their country,” he reportedly, sadly observed.

At this point, the President excused self-briefly. In his absentia, the seemingly out-of-touch Gen. Kayihura asked where Kirumira was and why he was transferred from Old Kampala. “He used to extort money from people. He was working with criminals instead,” an officer (names withheld) replied to Gen. Kayihura. And when the President returned, Kayihura reported as told about Kirumira.

Our fly on the wall reports that at this point, the President went deep in lecturing Kayihura and his men. “The problem is you use information instead of intelligence. When you get information, you have to sieve the intelligence out of it. I started my bush war from Katwe here, in Kampala. I based on intelligence picked out of information… not just information.” He further lamented the unnecessary transfers in police which he said ends up killing cases.

The President, who seemed every inch unconvinced about Kayihura’s explanation about Kirumira, announced that he was to personally get firsthand information from the latter. “He ordered that with immediate effect, Kirumira be driven, flown and/or carried back to Kampala, booked into a Five-star hotel where he would meet him when he gets time. “He also ensured his security,” our pry offered. Surprisingly absent in the meeting were SSP Nickson Agasiirwe and his arresting/torture squad… Watch this space

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    Good keep it up

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  • Raymond K Ahemigisha

    Mr. President is absolutely right. We should all be proud of him. I don’t think there is anything wrong, or lie, he said. If any Forces MUST improve, his advice is the strongest tool.