No Employee Has Been Sacked, NSSF Clarifies On Staff Employment Contracts    

NSSF MD, Richard Byarugaba
NSSF MD, Richard Byarugaba


We refer to media reports published  on June 23, 2017,  alleging  that over 30 employees   have been sacked from employment  with the Fund. We clarify as follows.

Contrary  to these  reports,  no employee  has been sacked.

An  end  of  employment   contract   review   process   took  place  between   May  and  June  2017  and  it was recommended  that contracts  of 12 employees  should  not be renewed.

Some employees felt aggrieved and appealed against the recommendation.

Management   initiated a process  to  review  the  recommendation.   This process  is on-going   in accordance with the Fund’s  Human  Resource  Policy  Manual.

All the affected employees   have been given a fair opportunity to present their grievances  and be heard and a final outcome  of this process  will be duly communicated   to the concerned  parties.

We wish to re-affirm that Management  will continue  to make decisions  that are lawful and in the best interest of the   Fund, our employees,   and members  in line with the strategic  business  requirements.

Richard Byarugaba 

(Managing Director NSSF)

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