Thieving Hands in Government! Investigator Introduces New Series to Unmask ‘Thieves’ in Public Service

The fight against corruption is on

KAMPALA, Uganda: As a member of the Fourth Estate, The Investigator recently embarked on addressing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s grievances sired by appalling crime infiltration into the Uganda Police Force and the unspeakable existence of “thieves in Finance and other ministries.”

On April 5th 2017, we started with the police vide Crime Infiltrated Police Records series, popularly known as CIP Records (Refer to; Facts Why Gen. Kale Cannot Clean Police of the Trash he Himself Littered the Force with). The first ever series have seen the public joining the struggle to expose criminality in the police on top of pilling pressure on management to reform the Force.

In addition to the on-going CIP Records, we have been in the kitchen for a while and are now glad to announce our readiness to address the problem of the ‘thieves in ministries…’ Good readers… Welcome to the new series namely; Thieving Hands Under Government’s SightTHUGS Records’ series through which, we shall investigate to the core, and unmask what the Head of State termed as “thieve.”

The introduction of THUGS Records series gives hope to the upright thinking Ugandan patriots. Revelation through a ‘name and shame,’ of all those public officers involved in dirty shoddy deals, those stealing government funds, those misusing public assets and abusing office and those involved in influence peddling, will be our main obligation.

“The THUGS Records shall be running concurrently with the CIP Records because the latter is stably on the road. We had just held them following an abrupt stint of Gen. Kayihura’s illness. It could be useless to address someone on their sickbed,” Stanley Ndawula, the Investigator Editorial Director revealed.

“We at the Investigator shall rely on the Fountain of Honor (President) Museveni’s call to unmask the ‘thieves.’ We shall name and shame all the corrupt government officers who are detrimental to the nation’s economic and social development,” said Ndawula.

Saying the weekly series starts next week, Ndawula noted; “Much as we shall be relying and basing our publications on well investigated, assessed, verified hard facts, we also appeal to the entire public, especially patriotic citizens to join us like they did in the CIP Records.”

He said it’s the work of the public to help the media with the information before it’s verified and later published. “It’s a section of members of public that will make THUGS Records a reality by coming in with relevant documentary facts, statistics and figures from the various government departments. Together, we shall pick all the bad apples within government ‘baskets’.”

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Patrick Jaramogi is a trained Crime, Financial and Fraud investigative journalist. He is a senior writer and Editor at the Investigator. He can be reached via email: [email protected] or watsup +256772426211​​​