Wamala Murder: Widow Accuses Gen. Kale Kayihura of Personal Interest in her Husband’s Assassination

L-R: Gen. Kayihura, Elizabeth and President Museveni

NAGULU, Kampala, Uganda: The widow to slain Kampala businessman Wilberforce Noah Wamala, Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala has sent an open hard-hitting and spine-chilling dossier to the Uganda Police Force boss, Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, accusing him of having personal interests in her husband’s callous murder on the bloody 3rd day of February 2012. Below is the unedited letter in full.

An Open Letter to Gen Kale Kayihura

My name is Elizabeth Wamala, widow to the late Wilberforce Wamala who was murdered on the 3/02/2012.  You may have forgotten who I am given your personal preoccupation in handling unprecedented string of murders under the Police Watch exhibited by unseemly photographs making rounds on the Internet.  To this end, I am therefore writing to you in an earnest hope and wish that this letter finds you well.

Gen Kayihura, I am in United Kingdom and still live here.  While here, I have had unprecedented/unvarnished information flow on the subject matter, and was hoping that with AIGP Felix Kaweesi out of the way, the subject matter re-Wilberforce Wamala would now be home and dry.  Implying, the surrounding facts that may have been hidden by late AIGP would now be laid bare.

Well, and instead, the wealth of information flow to me points at your negative attitude to concluding the investigation on Wilberforce Wamala’s murder with both negative and acerbic language used when confronted with the question.  If I may add here, with the whole weight of the Police at the centre, from Top to Bottom, no criminal or any law-breaking activity was or has been imputed as ‘a’ or ‘the’ plausible cause for the murder of Wilberforce Wamala, my husband and a father to my children.

The Court of Last Resort:  With your-good-self present at State House Entebbe, it was agreed in presence of the President that William Okalany would conduct or be in charge of this investigation.  Implying, the Okalany findings would be tabled to the Court of Last Resort, all protocols observed.  Neigh, in your wisdom you re-ordered the protocols thereafter.  Indeed when the President invited you back in March this year regarding this subject matter, you took along the current Commissioner for the Homicide Department, one Monday.

 This is the one in charge of Wilberforce Wamala’s murder investigation ultra vires the direction in and by the Court of Last Resort.  Like day follows night, the output from the so-called interrogated suggest he is not there to see this case to its conclusion but to organise it into a mess that any facts to do with the police involvement in this particular murder never comes out.  As a legal mind, that I understand you are, this is the Art of Creative Evidence.   Well, I am reading on this Art of Creative Evidence, to filibuster this murder investigation and to be wise or keep up with twists and turns of this legal artistry. 

Creative Evidence – Modus Oparendi:   I am captivated by the fact that you, the person of Gen Kale Kayihura is and still continue to struggle with trying to frame me for the murder you very well know I did not commit.  The personal and personalised efforts suggest it’s you who not only know who killed Wilberforce Wamala but ensures the Police Force’s  resources is on a heightened alert to protect them i.e. as the benefits galore will follow after filibustering the case of ‘Who Murdered’ let alone bothering to know ‘Why’?   Well, Gen Kale Kayihura, as the ‘Who’ wait for the salivating output, you have already incarcerated me in the ‘Why’ compartment, hence every effort to create evidence that I was involved in the murder of my husband. 

I have accepted to remain in this compartment of the SUSPECTED BECAUSE once that myth is shattered, JUSTICE will not only be DONE but will BE SEEN to have been DONE, with or without you superintendence.  Let me assure here, am consciously remaining in this compartment for the long haul.

Gen Kale Kayihura, under your watch you have arrested those who helped us in hunting and apprehending the Wamala murder suspects.  Now in the art of Creative Evidence, the helpful innocent hunters are the ones now incarcerated as murder suspects whilst the REAL murderers roam freely and are protected under your watch.  

I say this because this art of Creative Evidence gives you leverage to use powerful words and vocabularies to create a condition called PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY – in simple explanation:  it may be plausible that those roaming free under your watch are murder suspects but is also deniable because of the powers that be would not allow it.  The contradiction here is that the Powers-that-be are the ones protecting them.  To filibuster, you continue to put me right in the middle of suspicion because it doesn’t only clear you of the responsibility but it gives you an opportunity to punish me for challenging the good name of your personalised Police Force under your watch.

Well, from the wealth of information flow, I have gathered that there is a plan for you to arrest me if and when I set foot in Uganda.  I will come to Uganda when I am resourced especially if the Court of Last Resort, His Excellency the President of Uganda that is, invites me back on the promise that he would once the investigation was complete.  

If I may ask politely, if you truly believe and wish to arrest me for being involved in any of these murders i.e. I hear the plan consists of the plot to frame me for either the late AIGP’s murder or my husband.  My freest advice, the safest and easiest route is to link-up with the British police or Interpol, who will not only arrest me and charge me for those crimes, but freely throw me into your laps. 

The route I will not offer you or will try my best to avoid is that one being shared in the Court of Public Opinion, namely the Billion shillings on offer to non-descript persons to incriminate others or being lured into a Nalufeenya-type treatment.  I may not mind being tortured to death as I am learning the art of surviving a Nalufeenya-type treatment.

Gen Kayihura, I live in London and at your fingertips/computer skilled from Algeria, you know all my contacts here and in Uganda.  I understand that ‘Your Technophile People’, that is, Non-statutory Police’ cited me in Kampala around the time of my husband’s murder and also that of the conspirator that was murdered recently. 

I am yet to acquire teleporting skills and knowledge that it is possible for a human being to be at two different locations at the same time.  Well with Steady Progress, if Uganda has attained those advances, it may be possible.  Get those who are willing to implicate me in these murders first, torture them and then offer them money to incriminate me with creative evidence.  You will have killed One Bird with Two Stones.

For five years, I made myself available for the investigations instead of investigating me; the force turned itself into a stumbling block. My campaign fell on deaf ears until this matter was tabled in the Court of Last Resort.  Now that you have had the space to organise a different outcome, bring the game on.

To stretch this ad nauseam I am surprised that even after the second meeting with his Excellency over the same issue; you are not willing to do the right thing.  The Court of Public Opinion is aware that what goes under the name. The Police are going through trying times more so that you are so bent on trying to keep an image that does not even exist.  It seems as if you are not willing to give yourself a chance to start again.  How can you be trusted when you continuously batter those you are supposed to protect?  Why does it continue to be in your interest to protect the interests of hard core criminals?  Re-visit the adage: ‘When you are in a hole stop digging.’

Let me /reboot/refresh/regress your mind:  You have incarcerated Enoch Twesigye to Namugongo police station.  This was an officer that assisted Joseph Ssegujja in the apprehension of the deceased suspect; yet he was given permission by his DPC to join the chase. Why are you punishing him whilst the police officer who was in charge of Bukasa police station the night the suspect was murdered and one Francis Chemusto remain in work? Mr Kayihura, Frances Chemusto and the late AIGP were both incriminated by an eye witness in an extra Judicial statement, as having participated in the suspects’ murder. Why isn’t he behind bars?

Your men are hard-wired to refuse to investigate this case, the report that came from the DPP’s office has been put aside so far, because the commissioner for the homicide department claims he wants to understand the case hence causing unnecessary delays.  He has boasted of having theories that can be used to incriminate me but Gen Kayihura, these theories he is boasting about have been tried by those who came before him, hence they’re exhausted as you know. They failed because theories are evidence based.

 Upon conscience, we decided to hold on to William Okalany: 

  • Because he had been involved in this investigation since day one yet was suspiciously removed from office when the suspect was murdered
  • this was cost effective,
  • He was the only person we could trust.

Against the above, the Police had refused to investigate this case; it almost looked as if we had hit bed rock when you convinced us that there were no witnesses to this murder. After we privately did what we could to help, we were given a glimmer of hope but it almost grinded to a halt when your officers murdered the suspect. We pushed for the inquest and then came the damning coroner’s report confirming your worst nightmare; the suspect had been murdered in police custody.

You had shelved our earlier reports, and when the inquest report came, that too you shelved together with the dead suspects file. We decided to hang on to someone who we believe cannot be compromised; you have since clandestinely added someone to the investigation. Whilst he is convinced he is doing a good job, his investigations are directed at one group, those who helped us with the investigation and myself. None of the suspects have been interviewed except for a one Haji, proprietor Kabojja Junior. Those he has interrogated are not convinced he is into it for a good cause. Am I then right to assume, may be Columbusly that AIGP Felix Kaweesi took the flack because he was covering for someone else? 

Gen Kayihura, the EVIDENCE we collected from the assassins in Luzira prison who were contracted to kill the late Wamala has not been explored because it would put the might of the Police Force at the centre of the saga.  I use the word saga here with sadness.

Gen Kale Kayihura, I followed one Mutaawo’s clandestine release from Luzira Prison, and whilst I was at the court in Nakawa, I asked for permission and sat behind the computer. We received information that the late AIGP had organised a syndicate to get the assassins out of Luzira when police were tipped off that we had finally stumbled upon the assassins who were used in the murder of the late Wamala. 

The information from Luzira was in inconsistent to that on the court system.  The information held in Luzira suggested he had been transferred to Kigo yet he wasn’t there, whilst the court system alleged he was released on court bail. Whoever was behind this worked with the court to deviously free him? The rest of the group remain in prison on charges of aggravated robbery and murder. I have conclusive evidence that the gun used in this particular murder was a police exhibit.

Gen Kale Kayihura, I dispensed a lot of resources i.e. money, time, energy, etc., for a report detailing information derived from these prisoners and their racketeers.  From the ringside seat, must tell you that the Police Force is steeped into criminal activities as a modus operandi.  Your struggle to shut me up is getting real; you are threatening to arrest and incarcerate me because I dared to speak out about your modus operandi? You are aware that your officers are involved in crime big time; they work with non-descript/non-statutory elements like Julius Mujulizi AKA Fred Mugabi to murder innocent civilians.  These elements are undoubtedly used at your behest, excuse the ventilation, but I am just tired of being messed around.

Creative Evidence – Modus Operandi:  My misgiving about The Police INTENT was formed by day one; I was outraged by the way The Police was handling the investigation.  It is noted that I dully complained to the CID Boss.

Gen Kale Kayihura, an inquest into the death of a prime suspect in my husband’s murder, determined that he did not hang himself but had been murdered.  He had provided incriminating evidence in respect of my husband murder two days before he himself was murdered.  The Police ignored the report that derived from the inquest and decided to hold on to his file yet you were privy to the contrary decision at the sitting of the Court of Last Resort, by His Excellency President Museveni.  

The files were supposed to be handed over to William Okalany to complete the investigation.  Upon conscience, you were undoubtedly sure, that without Ssali’s file, and the main case file would not stand a chance, presenting you with a weapon of last resort to filibuster the murder investigation.

Earlier in our pursuit for the truth in these investigations, Gen Kayihura, you tried everything to avoid me. I never thought it was intentional until after the Late AIGP F Kaweesi’s demise. I was shocked into watching the spectacle with one familiar Bukenya aka BK, this is the one you surprisingly paraded recently as the head of the machete wielding goons.  This same ‘goon’ previously informed me that one Ssebina had confided in him that it was you Gen Kayihura who wanted the estate that my husband was constructing in Muyenga. 

I had paid this Ssebina UGX3M to help me obtain information about who in The Police was working with the suspects to deny us Justice.  On being given this absurd news, it did not shock me as such, because I immediately dismissed it as being diversionary.  I thought that the Late AIGP F Kaweesi had given this information to Ssebina to put him off trying to help us.  When I tried to dismiss it BK said to me that he had been informed that “Gen Kale Kayihura was keeping an eye on the property and had been to the property.”  Ssebina told BK to tell us that he could no longer get involved in our issues as he could not be seen working against his ‘boss’.

 He also advised BK to quit helping us.  BK worked closely with police as an informer and had many connections within the security circles.  At least that is how I came to know him.  I had personally dismissed the information from this Ssebina without clarifying it with him even though on reflection you and this Ssebina were at the time very close.

Gen Kayihura it was clear from what we were experiencing that we were dealing with a less than honest group in and outside of The Police Force.  Hence, I picked the hint a long time ago that I was faced with fighting a bent system/institution; however that was never going to be deterrence. When I exonerated you during a press conference in March 2015, it’s not because I did not know why you had refused to be engaged, looking back, don’t you wish you had dealt with the situation considering where we are today?

Another interesting lead is that of one Bashir Mukungu who the force remains reluctant to engage at any level over Wamala’s death. He has provided us information to a few more murders of which the group conducted. His new Lead also puts The Police on the spot over their involvement with the notorious Mugabi Fred aka Julius Mujulizi whose parents were murdered when he fell out with his masters. 

This Gen Kayihura, I have INK ON, Bashir put us in touch with someone that knew Mujulizi’s late parents.  Just like many good Samaritans in my case, the person following up on Mujulizi’s parent’s murder was also approached and confronted by the now late AIGP Kaweesi because he dared to follow-up on their murder investigation.  He warned him to back off or would get hurt.

According to Bashir, although The Police alleged that Mujulizi had killed his parents, they would later facilitate his escape from their custody and to leave the country.  He, arguably is said to be living in Durban, South Africa. This one Mujulizi, a Police operative cum Police assassin was involved in my husband’s murder. The night before the murder, the five camped at his girlfriend’s home in Kitintale the night before the murder and it is at this address that the late Wamala’s driver Ben Zziwa picked them in the morning on the fateful day.

Before his death, Ssali had also testified to this. I have not only informed you about this evidence but I have also prompted Mr Canegom, Head of the Forensic Department, to go to Luzira to get their finger prints and compare it to those collected at the scene of crime, my husband’s home.  The twists and turns followed thus: At first Mr Canegom said he had to seek permission from CID deputy director one Musana, he retracted and later suggested that he would use the evidence on the files on which they were charged. 

I assume he was blocked, because in the end he told us that the file on which these people were incarcerated to Luzira contained no evidence, that any evidence on file had been removed.  I can conclude that this was not further investigated because as you know, this is our police at its best. No one is prepared to do the right thing.

Summary:  Since you met the President regarding this case you have decided to undo the line of investigation and you are now trying to plant me in the middle of it?  Yet I understand from those who accompanied you to State House, to see the president that you were a nervous wreck, that you seemed completely subdued hence I wonder why Mr Kayihura?  I mean the particular visit related to day before AIGP F Kaweesi ended up dead the next morning.

My other question is that, there are those who were in charge of The Police station that evening, one Twesigye Enock has been defended by his bosses that they granted him permission to assist in the chase of the suspects through the villages of Gomba since the search PARTY DID NOT KNOW THEIR WAY around the villages.  How do you explain the incarceration of this delegate to hunt and produced result to be the hunted and suspect held in some Nalufeenya-type condition in the last three months?

It was not clear why the force had lost interest in the Wamala murder investigation after it appeared that the mist behind the murder had ultimately been lifted when the inquest declared that Ssali’s death was a homicide.  Gen Kayihura, I am now more convinced than ever before that you have always been the power behind the manipulation of this murder investigation.

With Kaweesi out of the way, who else would be interested in derailing this investigation any more than it already have. The person you have placed in the middle of this investigation is mostly interested in the person of Elizabeth Wamala which is a shame. The suspects are in bed with the force.

You have plans to give me a Nalufeenya-type experience by charging me with either Kaweesi’s or my husband’s murder.  The fear of finding yourself caught shot in these murder sprees and other police officers coming out of the closet and contradicting your perceived nice and neat modus operandi has gotten to you shivering and either you are now planning a ‘Houdini’ or to commit a ‘hara-kiri’.   Whichever, I wish you best of luck.  As one human being to another, you do not have the penultimate KEY(s) to either.

Elizabeth Wamala

Widow to the deceased Wilberforce Noah Wamala

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    “This Gen Kayihura, I have INK ON, Bashir put us in touch with someone that knew Mujulizi’s late parents. Just like many good Samaritans in my case, the person following up on Mujulizi’s parent’s murder was also approached and confronted by the now late AIGP Kaweesi because he dared to follow-up on their murder investigation. He warned him to back off or would get hurt”
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    A very interesting piece to read, it gives us more food for thought how and what is hapening in Uganda under our very noses and who is DOING them, a whole IGP killing to get some one’s Estate, what a shame!