CIP Records: Nixon warns Kayihura he will Spill the Beans if not Protected as Minaana is jailed over Mayor Torture

Nickson (L) and Gen. Kayihura

KAMPALA, Uganda: All signs in the police corridors indicate that our famous CIP Records have generated some improvement in the ailing government institution headed by Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura.

We can authoritatively report that most of the wrong elements we warned the General about have been distanced from operations and those with torture cases, arrested and presented to courts of law. The latest among the arrested is Hajji Abdu Ssemuju aka Minaana.

Minaana, who the investigator has persistently paraded as a criminal at large, with sanctioned murder/robbery files to his name, is accused along with ASP Fred Tumuhiirwe, Sgt. Abel Tumukunde, ASP Patrick Muramira, and the dreaded operatives Moses Kasiba and Seemu Kawooya, for torturing Kamwenge Mayor Geoffrey Byamukama.

He was reportedly arrested four days ago, detained at Nalufeenya before he was paraded in Buganda road court on Monday from where, he was remanded to Luzira. By yesterday efforts were still underway to have him secure a bail.

Minaana, is hitherto among the most trusted and blue-eyed boys to Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura. However, due to persistent works of the investigator with full support from the public, Minaana becomes the fourth to be vomited by his godfather. News reaching us is that Kayihura has recently elected to isolate these bad boys, painfully though.

Whereas he has managed to do so on others, it seems it will be an uphill venture with ‘SSP’ Nickson Agasiirwe, whom he rendered redundant by none-deployment. He also closed all doors on him plus ignoring to pick his calls for the last two months now. “I don’t know what to do with him. He’s become a real problem,” Gen. Kayihura reportedly murmured recently.

But as Kayihura ponders on what to do with his crime-laced officer, the latter seem to have run out of patience. “I am being beaten left right and center but he has chosen to keep quite on me. I have struggled with his operations and this is how he has chosen to pay back?” Nickson is quoted by his most close pals as having shouted to a colleague over the phone on Monday.

He further vowed not to go down alone. “You’re joking with me. I won’t allow to go down alone after being used. I will spill the beans,” he lamented on. Nickson’s outbursts came on the heels of news that security are investigating reports of him picking interest in eliminating his foe CP Herbert Muhangi.

Nickson is a dreaded operative-cum-police officer who have suspiciously rose in ranks to become a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). He has carried out uncountable deadly operations in some of which, innocent lives were lost through torture. Whereas his deed have always been made known to Kayihura, the latter has always maintained his protection for him.

After the callous murder of Police Spokesman AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi in March, Gen. Kayihura chose to send Nickson to Nairobi and his PA Jonathan Baroza, to Algeria. The former’s deployment was however halted after the introduction of CIP Records that unveiled him as a wrong character and someone whose suspicious entry in the force is a subject of court’s pronouncement.

Given his well-known dreaded operations which he exercised with impunity, plus the protection he has always attracted from his boss, many believed he all the time worked with orders from above. His threats of ‘never to go down alone’ and ‘spilling the beans’ are therefore not a light one on the side of General Kayihura. Watch the space…

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