First Blow: Court Sets Date for Gen Kayihura’s Police to Produce SSP Nickson’s Recruitment Documents

Cartoon of Stanley Ndawula and Nickson

HIGH COURT, Kampala – Uganda: When he dragged the Investigator Publications Limited and the editorial Director Stanley Ndawula’s person to court, seeking Shs500M in damages for alleged defamation, he knew little of the can of worms he had elected to open.

Following the above mentioned suit (Read Nickson Agasirwe to Court: I am an Honorable Member of Society with Reputable International Standing), The Investigator went down to unearth SSP Nickson Agasiirwe Karuhanga’s credentials pertaining to his style of recruitment.

Through his counsel, Mark Nowamaani of DeMott Advocates, one of our own, Robert Ndawula, the Business Development Director at Investigator, tasked the police, through Attorney General, to produce Nickson’s credentials but to no success, forcing him to file a case at the High Court’s Civil Division.

“I was also informed by some current serving and retired police officers whose information I verily believe to be true that the [Mr. Agasirwe] was illegally and unlawfully recruited into the Uganda Police Forces,” Ndawula states in his affidavit supporting his case.

We can now exclusively report that Court has finally set September 5th 2017 as the date to hear this application calling on police to produce the dreaded Cop’s detailed account of recruitment into the Police Force.

Robert also seeks to have Nickson fired from police. “TAKE NOTICE that this Court will be moved on the day of 5th September 2017 at …O’clock in the fore/afternoon or so soon thereafter as Counsel for the Applicant can be heard on an application for Orders that; The 1st Respondent (Attorney General) gives a detailed account of the recruitment and promotion of the 2nd Respondent to the rank of SSP and dismisses the 2nd Respondent from service in the Uganda Police Force for having illegally recruited him and promoted him to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).”

The court document

In the application also lies a prayer that the person of Nickson refunds all the monies he has ever received in the name of salary.  “That the 2nd Respondent refunds to the government all the salaries he has received from the date he was illegally conscripted in the Uganda Police Force till the date of the Ruling of this Court”

In his affidavit, Robert asserts thus; “It is in the interest of Justice and rule of Law that [police] gives an account on the recruitment of [Nickson] in the Uganda Police Forces and be ordered to dismiss him immediately for being illegally recruited and promoted to the Rank of SSP.” He said he had police to produce the documents but failed on the task. “The information requested for was about a Public Officer and it was not a threat to National Security at all and did not fit in any of the disqualifications under the law.”

He reiterates that because of his lack of professionalism, several people suffered in the hands of Nickson who’s Master, IGP General Kale Kayihura always entrusted him with public security. “Agasirwe is accused by several members of the public for mismanaging arrests, torture and impunity in handling of criminal cases… He still commands the Special Operations Unit of the Uganda Police Force (S.O.U).” Watch the space… 

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