Sserulanda Nsulo Yabulamu Cult Leaders Attack Buganda Premier over His Recent Statements against Their Belief

Dr. Bhuka Bijumiro-Jumiro, Inset is Mayiga

KYOTERA, Uganda: The Sserulanda spiritual leaders in Seesamirembe, Kyotera district have barked back at Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga over the statements he made trying to undermine their cult.

The Premier recently said the Seesamirembe based spiritual leaders and their followers should stop blindfolding people over baseless issues.

All this comes from way back when one of Mayiga’s sister’s remains were extracted by his in-law Ambrose Kibuuka Mazinga and taken to the Seesamirembe burial grounds, insisting she was one of their staunch believers.

In a telephone interview with the Investigator last night, The Sserulanda Foundation Secretary General Rev. Dr. Bhuka Bijumiro-Jumiro revealed that Mayiga should mind his own business and get to know how to tamper with their issues.

“If a Muslim believer is in wrong, the Public will not blame the Islamic community or the leaders. It will instead be the very person to be blamed,” said the doctor.  Bijumiro-Jumiro said “if court managed to figure out Kibuuka Mazinga as the culprit why then should Mayiga attack us.”

He further said Mayiga and their former leader HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwe Dr. J.K Mugonza were good friends since they all originated from the villages of Kabuwoko in Kyotera district.

The friendship was however lost after Bambi Baaba Baabuwe became a staunch spiritual healer which was contrary to Mayiga’s belief. Some of Mayiga’s sisters also joined the Sserulanda foundation which angered the Premier the more.

According to Bijumiro-Jumiro, the Premier is fighting tooth and nail trying to convince government to abolish the Sserulanda foundation. “We are only pleading to Mayiga to leave our believers in peace and stop all the evils he is talking of us,” he added.

The Sserulanda followers relate their religion to Jesus Christ who had only 12 disciples yet there were more people on the planet. The Ssessamirembe believers have a dream that they will one day have followers outnumbering those of Christ in case people get “to know the truth.”

Sserulanda tombs in Kabira

In this setting however, the leaders don’t believe in preaching to the public just like other religions such as the born again. “The anointed are very few and I know it’s only them that get a chance to see the spiritual leader,” he said.

The Sserulanda foundation began way back in the early 70’s after His Imperishable Glory (HIG) Bambi Baaba Baabuwe was shown a cave in Kabira Sub County in the then Rakai district, today Kyotera.

This leader was a spiritual healer who began the healing at the age of three. He however died at the age of 80 and is expected to be embalmed and kept in a safe place for the next generations to witness.

Bijumiro-Jumiro related the embalming to that of the historical Ben Kiwanuka in Uganda who was embalmed for the coming generations to witness. “We very well know that we are not the first people to do it but why are others being concerned about us”, he wondered.

To join this foundation, one ought to sign agreements which are endorsed by lawyers to avoid any misunderstandings which may arise from relatives of such people who could not comply with the foundation.

People across the world have believed in the Sserulanda foundation and these have come from countries such as Norway, Canada, England and USA among others.

Most of the followers love the spirit of preserving forests where more trees are planted compared to the ones being cut by them. Once one joins their religion, they are limited to vegetables and no meat anymore.

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