Kirumira-Museveni Meet: Gen. Kayihura in Final Stages to have ASP Kirumira Charged for Meeting the President

L-R: Kayihura, Kirumira and President Museveni

KAMPALA, Uganda: Information reaching our intelligence desk has unveiled how the Uganda Police Force boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura is in final stages to have Buyende DPC Mohamed Kirumira reprimanded in a disguised charge of attracting the person of President Museveni’s interest.

The Investigator can authoritatively report that Gen. Kayihura, in a meeting attended by his deputy (DIGP) Okoth Ochora and Police Standards Unit (PSU) boss Joel Aguma among two others last night at Naguru Police Headquarters, ordered that old files be unearthed, perused, edited and amended to build a case against Kirumira with a view of suspending him pending investigations.

Kirumira, who is lying low like an envelope in the less-crime infiltrated Buyende District came to limelight in 2013-14 when he was OC Nansana. He investigated, arrested and brought to book several criminals who, later happened to be working with some police bosses. In a bid to get rid of him, a one Pius Kato was aligned to accuse him of torture after which, he was suspended.

On reaching Court, Kato instead withdrew the case, claiming he had been briefed to pin Kirumira but he couldn’t maintain the allegations on oath. Kirumira was acquitted. Kato was later killed by a mob after stealing a laptop in Nateete. Kirumira was reinstated in Nansana and resumed from where he had stopped. He again stepped on several bosses’ toes via arresting their criminal gang members.

In 2014, another charge was forged against him. A one Henry Majwega reported a case of bribery, claiming Kirumira had solicited a Shs200, 000 bribe which he had sent on his mobile phone. He was again suspended, charged and dragged to Buganda Road Court where he was acquitted over failure by prosecution to provide evidence.

Majwega was later in July 2014, killed in a Flying Squad anti-robbery operation in Bweyogerere as Kirumira was reinstated in August and sent for a Junior Commanders’ course at Gadhafi Military garrison in Jinja. From Gadhafi, he was in February 2015 deployed at Kaseese border as OC Bweera Police Post.

After one year, he was promoted from Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), jumping one rank. He was then returned to Kampala as DPC Old Kampala at the height of Kifeesi. After curbing the Kifeesi criminals, Kirumira was ‘rewarded’ with a transfer to Buyende where he still is. Upon this transfer, many people complained so much that it reached the person of the President’s ear.

We have established that Kirumira’s fresh predicaments come on heels of an impending consequent meeting between him and the President. It all started when, on May 31st 2017, President Museveni summoned all DPCs, RPCs and heads of other security organs at Entebbe where, among other grills, he tasked Kayihura to explain the pragmatic Kirumira’s suspicious transfer from Kampala.

Referring to Kirumira’s case, Museveni said; “The officers who prove vigilant in fighting crimes are instead victimized. They are so demotivated by their bosses creating fake charges against them. They have lost love for the Force and the service to their country.” (Also read: President Museveni Concurs with the Investigator CIP Records…). Museveni then ordered that Kirumira be brought to Kampala to meet him.

Indeed, the no-nonsense workaholic cop had a one-on-one with the President at Sheraton Hotel Kampala after about a week, a development that incensed Gen. Kayihura to the marrow. It is said that the General Kayihura has information (not intelligence), that in the meeting, the President asked Kirumira to mobilize all the disgruntled officers for a meeting with him.

“I can’t stand officers who privately find their way to the Commander in Chief,” Kayihura is reported as having complained in the last night meeting. He reportedly ordered that PSU resurrects the aforementioned cases against Kirumira and/or slap new ones on him in a bid to get him out of the picture so as to frustrate the President’s, as well as the public’s demands in his favor.

Contacted, SCP Joel Aguma denied having had the meeting with and or receiving such orders from his master. He however asked us to contact the Police Chief Spokesman AIGP Asan Kasingye for any comment about the same. On his side, Kirumira said he wasn’t aware of such a plot. “I was cleared of any wrong before courts, got promoted, sent for a course and redeployed. I doubt such a plot can be hatched against me when I’m at my lowest,” he said.

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    Why can’t they leave the boy alone?!?

  • Wante Martino

    Expected, that exactly is what Kayihura did to Simeo Nsubuga till UN took him up, too bad and the President keeps quiet s his Police and Army rob natives!