THUGS Records: Billions ‘Swindled’ from Apac as Civil Society petition President M7 over worrying state of Corruption in the district

President Museveni has elected to look back at where he lost it on corruption

APAC, Uganda. The Ministry of Health is on the spot once again for failing to pay contractors who worked on the health infrastructures in Apac district, The Investigator has established.

A strongly worded petition by The Apac Anti- Corruption Coalition (TAACC) to the fountain of Honor, H.E President Yoweri Museveni, the Minister of Health and copied to the director CIID, Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Resident District Commissioner, area Members of Parliament, the Drug Monitoring Unit and the Inspectorate of Government (that we obtained), TAACC that is a coalition of 135 CSOs, Individuals & NGOs in Lango Sub region seeks to notify the President that over Ugx 1 billion needs to be accounted for.

The billion shillings consists of Ugx 300 million that was released for health infrastructural development in Apac district for the FY 2016/17 weren’t put to ‘proper use, Shs 450 million meant for drilling of 22 boreholes, shs330 million for paying of contractors who rehabilitated the Apac district headquarters..

TAAC that operates in Apac, Kole, and Oyam districts has a well established system with guiding policy documents & a strategic plan running from 2017-2021.

In their petition, Opwonya Tom the Executive Director notes that from their monitoring sources, the funds were supposed to be utilized as follows:

Rehabilitating the theatre at Apac Hospital,

Maternity & ANC of Apac Hospital,

Chawente Health Centre 111 rehabilitation & Placenta pit,

Motor water pump at the hospital.

“TAACC is aware that the amount stated above was released for the health infrastructural development for Apac district local government. The fund was meant for rehabilitating Apac general Hospital amongst others. As the FY is ending, the contractors who provided the services have not been paid. TAACC is wondering from which budget the contractors who have provided the services to Apac district health infrastructural development will be paid,” noted Opwonya.

TAACC’s Vision is “An empowered and well-governed society”. Its mission is “to mobilize, empower & strengthen the capacity of citizens to engage & demand for effective & sustainable service delivery from the duty bearers. Budget monitoring is one of the activities that TAACC implements amongst others.

In other related complaints, TAACC is raising concerns regarding the Ugx. 450 million released for the drilling of 22 boreholes in Apac district for the FY 2016 / 17:

In its petition, TAACC states that it is aware that the amount stated above was released for drilling and installing 22 boreholes in by Apac district local government in the FY stated above.

“To date, all the boreholes have been drilled and installed. Certificates of completion of work have been issued accordingly. However, TAACC is concerned that even as the FY is ending, payments have not been made to the respective contractors. TAACC is wondering from which budget the contractors will be paid as the FY is ending.”

Similarly, another worrying scenario is that issue of the non-payment & rehabilitation of Apac district headquarters  despite release of Ugx. 200 million and an additional Ugx 130 million for the activity in FY 2016 /17 respectively.  When contacted the Ministry of Health officials revealed that the ministry had received the petition and had sent a team to Apac to probe. “ We can only comment after we ascertain the truth from the ground,” said a senior Ministry of Health official on condition of anonymity. A senior State House source under the Drug monitoring unit said. “We are investigating the allegations before we can take action.”


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