Wamala Murder: Widow Wants Kayihura and Police out of the Investigations as Prime Suspects are Granted the Deceased’s Estate!

Elizabeth Wamala (M) beleives Gen. Kale Kayihura (L) has personal interests in her husband Wilberforce Wamala (R)'s murder investigations
  • President Museveni had promised to personally follow up the case and asked the widow to return to UK until he calls her.
  • Two years down the road, he’s yet to do well on his promise but the case has been driven back to ground zero by Gen. Kayihura’s assigned new Investigating Officer.
  • Now the widow asks President Museveni to let her use Private Investigators and cause Private Prosecution.
  • Administrator General’s office dragged to IGG for fraudulently granting the deceased’s property to prime suspects.

KAMPALA, Uganda: The widow to slain businessman Wilberforce Noah Wamala Ssendeeba, who has fought for her husband’s justice for over five years has finally lost hope in President Museveni’s capacity to bring the culprits to book, citing Police boss IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura’s diversional personal interest in the matter.

In the chilling letter to the court of last resort [President], the likely resigned Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala begs him to support her choice to make use of private investigators and private prosecution in order to bring to a logical conclusion, the five-year long zigzagging investigations. Whereas she still had hope in the Public Prosecution Directorate (DPP), she says the same have been frustrated by police.

“I thought we had moved nearer to the end, my involvement in uncovering facts about this murder and your subsequent intervention to bring this to conclusion raised a lot of hope within us.  Unfortunately, I am overwhelmed by what I am learning that we are almost back to Ground Zero,” cries Elizabeth to the President.

The Wamalas at their wedding after vows renewal in 2011 at Namirembe Cathedral

Wamala was on February 12th 2012, beheaded alongside his house-help Sadique Mugerwa by a suggestively well guided team of assailants at his home of Mutungo, a Kampala suburb. From the beginning, the investigations commenced smoothly with overwhelming evidence popping in, pinning the deceased’s driver Ben Zziwa, the concubine Jolly Kasande and a painter Hassim Ssali who was at large. (Also read: Police Finally Apprehended Murdered Tycoon Wamala’s Estranged Wife Jolly Kasande and Nephew cum Driver Ben Zziwa)

Hassim Ssali was arrested by private investigators after a year. In an extrajudicial statement, he pinned Zziwa and Kasande, saying he was hired by the latter to keep surveillance at the home and that on the fateful day, Zziwa came with the killers who executed the murders. Ssali was murdered with police officers’ knowledge (court ruled) in the cells at Bukasa post two days after penning the statement.

Things had started taking a twisty mode when, the officers who were professionally handling the matter were destabilized, ISO operatives got involved and efforts to instead place Elizabeth into prime suspect’s seat took form but with little success. It then emerged, the invisible hand behind the sudden disruption was AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi (RIEP), the KMP Commander at the time.

The Late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi (L) was the first police officer to act suspiciously and his name was over-mentioned among the people frustrating the murder investigations. He was murdered on March 16th 2017 near his Kulambiro home

Whereas it was public knowledge that Kaweesi was gagging the investigations, it never surfaced he could be implementing someone else’s interests (Read:Cop Pins Boss AIGP Felix Kaweesi and Colleagues in the Tycoon Wamala Callous Murder). When the investigations were almost done, the President summoned Kayihura, the I.O William Okalany and others on March 16th 2017 for a meeting over the matter. The bitter Museveni ordered for the immediate conclusion of the case.

The following morning, March 17th 2017, Kaweesi was gunned down along with his driver and bodyguard. William Okalany, who was almost done with the file was stopped and replaced with a one Detective Monday who, has since driven the exercise back to zero ground. As if that’s not enough, the same officer is complaining of lack of facilitation!

“A critical example here is the imputation that the investigation is not being funded hence the thought of a Private Investigator and a Private Legal Suit.  The IGP, Mr. Kale Kayihura, has not engaged with the investigation, and; has not met with the Investigating team even for a single briefing since,” Elizabeth writes, saying the IGP wants the case to remain in the trenches for personal reasons. “I am mindful that your responsibility as the Court of Last Resort will not be compromised by the proposal I am making.”    

Hassim Ssali, the painter who guided the killers into the compaound pinned Kasande and Zziwa of the as the masterminds of the brutal murder. He was murdered in the police cells two days after penning an extrajudicial statement

Titled “Investigation of the murder of Wilberforce Wamala”, the letter takes the First Citizen through a lot of intentional glitches aimed at driving the case to its grave. “This proposal herein is to add value and quality of the investigation outcome, that is, a private investigator untainted by all the key prayers i.e. the police and the judiciary.  This has been prompted by concerns derived from the persons who are currently holding the investigation file.”

Deceased’s Property shared amongst suspects!

Recently, the Supreme Court issued their ruling. Two judges partially ruled against Elizabeth’s interests in the estate and one, Justice Mwondha ruled totally in her favor. This ruling has since seen other hitherto silent suspects back on the front. They include Kabojja Junior proprietor Nasser Lubega and a city lawyer, Said Bukenya. (Also read: DPP Calls for Investigations into AIGP Kaweesi and Kabojja Junior Boss’ Involvement in Wamala Murder)

They reassembled with Robert Bogere, their known conduit at the Administrator General’s office and the same with whom, they had frustrated a court order releasing a Muyenga property to Elizabeth in 2013. In total twist of the current Supreme Court ruling, Bogere rushed to share the properties amongst some members of the family, leaving out Elizabeth, the official widow and three children.

Elizabeth (M) at a Press Conference in Kampala reading an open letter to the president at Hotel Africana in 2014 as orphans Irene Namala (R) and Nathan Mwanje look on

“This is the second time I am raising this issue concerning statutory officers in this context trusted with the management of the late Wamala’s estate.  I wish to draw your attention on the action of the intent to dismantle the late Wamala’s estate that took place on the 3/08/2017 under the stewardship of Mr. Bogere,” Elizabeth writes to the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

In his meeting, Bogere never considered the fact that Elizabeth owns 25% of the family businesses, even with available documents. “I wish to stress by adding that I have no knowledge that there has been an inventory carried out and accountability to the estate shareholders in the last three years. I hasten to add that I hold 25% of the estate shares [see citation Marked c].”

However, in the meeting on the 3/08/2017, she was neither mentioned nor her daughter with the Late, Abigail Angela. “Traditionally, the last funeral rites have not been done, the estate was being dismantled at a quoted price of 200 million UG shillings and this was hard to take emotionally for all involved. Worse still, the murder investigation of the late Wamala has not been concluded.”

Nevertheless, Bogere dismantled the property and shared them as follows; Jolly Kasande, the deceased’s concubine, also out on police bond over his murder, was allocated the multibillion commercial project that entails twenty three apartments, each with three bedrooms at Muyenga, under the guise it is a residential house.

Wilberforce Noah Wamala Ssendeeba was brutally slain by assailants alongside his house-help Sadique Mugerwa on the morning of February 12th 2012 (RIEP)

Five cars from the estate were gifted to Kasande’s lawyers and the plot of land in Makindye would be sold to pay the same lawyers. Other orphans Nathan Mwanje and Irene Namala who have been fighting alongside Elizabeth to secure justice for the slain father and husband, have also been denied any share. Bogere’s team also accuse Elizabeth and Namala of having ‘stolen’ Shs1.3Bn from the shops though this remains an allegation yet to be registered with police, five years down the road.

Noteworthy some of the above, if not all would be of interest to the Wamala murder investigating officer. It is vividly clear that the masterminds of the suspicious dismantling of the estate, plus the category of the beneficiaries, gives credence to the longstanding suspicion that they were behind the murder of the late Wilberforce Wamala Ssendeeba.

If the President nods to Elizabeth’s suggestion, the Private Investigators will have a field time picking the already unearthed clues, unearthed by none other than the suspects themselves. Whereas we confirmed receipt of Elizabeth’s letter to the IGG, we are yet to know of any steps taken yet. Watch this space…

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