Dave Dash ‘Killer’ Named: Nigerian Businessman Suffocating Ugandan Celebrities on Drugs Exposed

John Isokpehi Obas aka Striker (C) and Dave Dash before lunacy (Inset right) and after (L)

KAMPALA, Uganda: By now it’s not news that former Serena-based Television NTV Uganda who also doubled as Radio City presenter Davis Lukwago commonly known as Dave Dash, has reportedly run mad following a viral tongue wiggling video.

The dreaded presenter was pictured on the morning September 19th 2017 in what appeared as a solo NAKED mile episode in the streets of Bunga, a Kampala Suburb. In a video taken by city actor and emcee, Roger Mugisha, Dave Dash is seen trotting across the roadside naked with unclear rants.

His former workmate and close pal Douglas Lwanga, with whom they hosted the popular ‘NTV the Beat’ show; immediately took to social media after the incident in a lengthy message to disclose his dissatisfaction with his former’s way of life and said the public should however find a way to help Dave Dash.

Lwanga’s Open Letter: “We have a serious problem eating up the youth today. We have been reading and seeing these things happen to Entertainers in the USA but didn’t think such could pose as a problem to our own. We people in the entertainment industry have seen things happen and stayed quiet about it. So many people including our beloved artists are falling prey to this. Someone needs to talk about this so let’s not be silent about it. Drugs don’t make you more talented. They don’t make you wealthier. They rob you of your real self and give you false hope. We have rehabilitation facilities in Uganda. Please visit one before the situation gets out of hand. We still love you and we can reach even greater heights DRUG FREE. Please don’t mention names on this post. We just want to bring this to their attention. Hoping things can change. Don’t cut your life short. Stay Focused. And to those bringing in these drugs to the country and supplying them to artists and innocent youth…well you are making money but you will be answerable one day to all this. REPENT. Let’s not stay silent about Drugs. Let’s Speak up but most of all please….”

Jackie Chandiru

Dave Dash’s woes climaxed last year, 2016 as he got fired from both his evening shows at Bugolobi-based Radiocity and NTV the beat on issues related to drug abuse. The dreaded lad has on many accessions been fighting with stress which led to separation with his wife and mom to his son. These calamities are believed to have caused much distraction and stress resorting to heavy drinking and cocaine consumption behind curtains.

However fresh revelations from our trusted sources have sensitive information prior to Dave Dash incident, linking a Uganda-based Nigerian business lad identified as John Isokpehi Obas commonly known as Striker, who also doubles as CEO striker Entertainment record Label.

Top Events Security guru known as Dixon Okello Bond revealed to this website that drug kingpin identified as Striker is suffocating Ugandan umpteen with drugs. “Let’s kick out this Nigerian idiot from Uganda. He is commonly known as Striker and claims to be a businessman. He loves the company of our top celebrities but is a drug dealer destroying the moral fabric of our society. Enough is enough, security organs should get into action. Let’s kick all drug traffickers out of this country and make tougher drug laws” Dixon roared

Our highly placed sources also has it that Dave Dash has been Striker’s drug distributer in Kampala with a one yet unidentified tall light skinned Nigerian lad who always operates at Kololo based Night spot, the Casablanca and Club Play.

Dave Dash and Striker first met in London where the latter had traveled to pen down Ben TV deal for Public Relation (PR), to hype Striker Entertainment record Label. For starters, Striker entertainment is a Ugandan record label with roots in Nigerian. Currently it has two Ugandan artistes in Radiocity’s Raymond Kaiza aka Bigtrill and Leilla Kayondo signed to it.

Dave Dash is not the first Ugandan hailing from celebrity arena to befall a drug tragedy. Singer Jackie Chandiru has since Last year been battling for her life after she had allegedly passed out at her home in Bukasa. She was admitted at Mulago Hospital where laboratory tests confirmed drug abuse that she was administering through injection route.

Keko is fighting her way back to normal life

Female Rapper Keko is also still battling with a marathon of drug consumption effect. This has also put them off the music scene since they stepped in rehabilitation. In a report released by The National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse in May 2017, It is revealed that drug trafficking across East Africa, more specifically Uganda border is on the rise with 89.4 per cent survey clearly pointing that drugs are trafficked into this country.

Commonly smuggled drugs are cigarettes, second generation alcohol, heroine and Cocaine that is growing at a pseudo speed. The report further cites that culprits mainly use boda bodas, trucks, private vehicles, persons living with disability, the youth and elderly women to ferry the drugs.

The problems faced in curbing drug trafficking include corruption among law enforcement officers and lack of harmonized laws in East Africa. Our sources has it that the middle class in a bid to spend their money on leisure, they go beyond order from ordinary exposure and they always want to surpass common consumption of alcohol and get into cocaine, heroin and it goes as far as you can imagine

We have seen people who have stopped. But stopping will involve changing friends, company and lots of stuff. It’s for this reason that Ugandan Female rapper Keko was forced to revamp her lifestyle and changed friends who strongly had a negative influence on her life.

Ugandan health officials say they have seen an increase in the use of illegal drugs since 2011. From our findings, a small amount of heroin can cost as much as $38 (Shs137, 000), thus can be got at a snap. Let’s stand against drug abuse amongst celebrities…

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