Kyotera Decides: DP Floors NRM for Woman MP as the Reverse Proves positive with the LCV Slot

Victor: Patrick Kintu Kisekulo casting his vote at Kabaseke yesterday

KYOTERA, Uganda: The Police Spokesperson in the Greater Masaka region, Lameck Kigozi has denied allegations that Police was behind the arrests of candidates’ agents in the Kyotera elections’ exercise that took place yesterday in the new district, The Investigator reports.

Several complaints had been raised from the opposition side accusing Police of being involved in arresting their strong supporters on baseless accusations which could favor the ruling party’s candidates.

However, the consequences never deterred DP’s strong woman Robinah Ssentongo from carrying the day, winning the District Woman MP seat for the newest district in the Region after beating the equally strong NRM’s Rachael Nakitende, by an uncontestable margin of 6,220 votes.

Victor: Robinah Ssentongo casting her vote yesterday

The race, which was from day one tight between Robinah and Rachael on the Woman MP seat as well as NRM’s Patrick Kintu Kisekulo and Independent Charles Lubega Ziriddamu on the District Chairmanship, also saw Kisekulo triumphing for the latter slot with 19,481 against Ziriddamu’s 10,692 votes.

Others in the LC V race were DP’s Dr. Tom Darlington Balojja who garnered 10,080, Independents Joseph Lubega Kaggwa with 1,482 votes, Anthony Mugerwa with 476 votes as well as Gerald Ssekwe with 233 votes.

On the other end, Ssentongo who scored 21,731 votes and Nakitende with 15511, had in race with them, independents Cissy Nantongo who harvested 3272 votes, Nabbaale Joweria, 265 votes, and Philister Nassali with 2,224 votes

3rd Runner-up: Cissy Nantongo

But some of the losers have attributed their plight to the election malpractices. “If my supporters who would have helped me in securing my votes are arrested, it means any results that came out at the end of the day, were false”, said Charles Ziriddamu.

Ziriddamu told The Investigator that his supporters George Ssemuju Bakireke and Regina Nakalyango were arrested alongside others by Police in the morning on baseless issues as a way of intimidating them. The duo are district councilors representing Kabira Sub-County at the district council.

However, Police mouthpiece Kigozi said he knew nothing about the arrest of the two. He added that some politicians tend to give out information to attract sympathy among the voters and end up ‘tarnishing’ the Police.

Lost: Tom Darlington Balojja

Kigozi instead said 16 people were arrested on Wednesday night but it was due to the operations that were intended to have peaceful elections. “Some people had come from other areas to disorganize elections and it’s true we have arrested 16 of them and they are in our custody. However they were not candidates’ agents as it is rumored.”

Elections in the different polling stations in the district commenced at 8:00 am though the turn up at some polling stations poor till mid-day. “We rightly expected Ssentongo to win the Woman MP seat whereas the LCV seat was obviously bending in favor of Kintu Kisekulo,” said Phillip Muddu a voter in Kyotera Town Council.

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