Uganda to host maiden Milk Exhibition under the theme ‘Drink Deeply’

Amon Mugume, the project coordinator
Amon Mugume, the project coordinator

The Uganda National Museum in partnership with the Ethnographic Museum of Zurich in Switzerland and Igongo Cultural Centre have organised the first milk exhibition in Uganda aiming at engaging the milk community.

The free-entrance exhibition is expected to attract milk lovers, farmers, dairy products dealers, consumers and government officials starting on Friday, September 22.

Milk is very important part of our lifestyle. Our diets, whatever else they may contain, would surely feature milk.

Milk, be it a protein shake, a simple glass of warm milk, or a low fat yogurt is and will continue to remain one of the healthiest food sources available.

In fact, it is one of the most widely used food sources. Dairy nutrition forms an important part of our diet, considering the fact that there are more than six billion consumers of milk and milk products with India being the largest producer and consumer of milk.

Milk is generally known for its high content of calcium, but it is a treasure of many other vital nutrients that can provide you endless health benefits. It is also a wonderful beauty aid. Milk plays an important role in the overall nutrition and health.

Despite of its benefits, many people, especially in developing world still do not know how to handle and preserve milk such that it remains flesh at any time, someone feels like having it.

Handling and transporting milk from farms to dairies and finally to consumers is another challenge that farmers and people in the milk business face. Many milk dealers are for example, seen transporting milk in jerrycans instead of the recommended milk tankers and containers.

According to Mr Amon Mugume, the project coordinator, the exhibition is to be conducted under the theme Drink Deeply and will be launched on September 22 and will run until March next year.

“The exhibition will give insights on history, traditions and milk products, indigenous knowledge systems of the communities and process of making milk products,” Mr Mugume said.

Mr Mugume said the exhibition will cover a number of milk-related issues such as milk products, milk process in different parts of the country, handling, preserving and keeping milk safe as well as marketing milk products.

Some of the activities to take place during the opening of the milk exhibition will include a round table discussion which will involve topics such as milk and culture, socio-economic and political issues surrounding milk economy as well as a milk cocktail.

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