Mbabazi Story: How Money, Sex and search for Audio Recording led to her troubles in the Sleepless Kaweesi Murder Case

Mbabazi's different faces and Kaka (Inset)

When the police last week clashed with ISO Guards at the home of Christine Mbabazi, the lady currently in news for security-caused troubles, many of our readers demanded for our piece of the same. It’s a mind-boggling development that requires settled minds to connect the dots and here we go…

It all started with the murder of then Uganda Police Spokesman AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi on March 17th 2017. A very good friend to the fallen police boss, Mbabazi had met Kaweesi the previous day. A story is ripe in security circles that Kaweesi’s car, in which he met with Mbabazi had long been bugged with hidden cameras and it’s reported that the deceased, who had sensed danger ahead of his life journey, handed Mbabazi a recording with strict instructions to deliver it to only the President.

“She started receiving calls that the IGP, Gen. Kale Kayihura wanted her to release the information Kaweesi had given her,” a security operative privy with the intelligence offered. But the true Munyarwanda lady in her stood her ground, saying Kaweesi never left her any information. On Easter Saturday April 15th 2017, she received uninvited and truly unwanted ‘visitors’ at her Kyaliwajjala home.

The Gang rape

Momentarily breaking down in the phone interview with the Investigator, Mbabazi opened up. “They were four guys. They broke into my home. I was naked in my bed when they pounced on me. They would rape me in turns as others turned everything in my house upside down. They gang-raped me from 9pm to 3am,” she cried. Asked what they were looking for, Mbabazi tells us they more concentrated on her music CDs, photos and made off with her phones.

“I reported the matter to Kyaliwajjala police. But as you can guess a gang-rape for six hours, there are some things done to me that I could not reveal to those very young police officers. It pains that such a thing happens to a person like me and police can’t find the suspects. However, unless they kill me, I will do it myself because I feel badly abused.”

Enters President and ISO

After the incident, word of what had transpired reached the President Museveni who, hurriedly asked a city businessman, James Kibuuka aka Mulowooza to contact the Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka and have Mbabazi secured. Given the situation at the time when everybody suspected to have a clue about who could have killed Kaweesi was insecure at police hands, Mbabazi was sneaked out of town to Mulowooza’s property upcountry.

Time reached when the President was ready to meet Mbabazi and indeed, she was sneaked back into town and duly met with the country’s Court of Last Resort. Mbabazi religiously and jealously kept whatever information she shared with the President to herself, just like she never kotowed to her sex-abusers over the same. However, info in corridors suggest she delivered the alleged recording to him and oops! The same is reported to have been leaked.

Enters Kaka’s Blue-eyed boy Lt. Jjuuko Sserwanga

From the President, Mbabazi was deposited into Kaka’s custody. She continued to enjoy the protection until on September 15th 2017 when, Kaka summoned her to Tal Cottages in Lubaga. At the Hotel, the ostensibly calm but deeply bitter old man, sipping on a beer at midday, cleared his voice, looked into Mbabazi’s eyes and started lamenting the ‘new charges’ brought to her name. “He told me I was a traitor who always knew who killed Kaweesi but kept it to myself,” she started.

At this time, Kaka ordered for a certain ‘suspect’ to be brought and from a distance, Mbabazi saw a Rastafarian young man being handcuffed from a stationery car. Reaching them, Kaka told him to repeat his statement. “The boy, whose name has to this moment been kept away from me, said he was in a meeting with me and other senior police officers at Kati-Kati Restaurant and the agenda was to kill Kaweesi.”

In the meeting which the Investigator has established never occurred was allegedly Gen. Kale Kayihura, Kampala Metropolitan boss Frank Mwesigwa, Herbert Muhangi of Flying Squad, Col. Ndahura of Crime Intelligence, Nickson Agasiirwe and several other senior police officers all numbering to ten people! Its however so confusing how all such big people would openly gang up to plan a murder of one of their own in a public place like Kati Kati.

 Nevertheless, we have independently established that Gen. Kayihura’s blue-eyed boy Nickson Agasiirwe’s good friend, Lt. Jjuuko and some individuals in ISO ganged up against Mbabazi and successfully convinced Kaka against her. It should be noted that Mbabazi’s Presidential-sanctioned protection is against some top police officers. Security investigators believe Jjuuko could have been convinced into having Kaka let loose Mbabazi for the easy reach by her hunters. And this gives credence to our claim that the alleged meeting above never occurred.

At the Tal Cottages incident, the Rastafarian also confessed to have been among the riders of the killer Boda-bodas that transported Kaweesi’s assassins. He further ‘confesses’ to having been on the group that gang-raped Mbabazi. It’s another conundrum that a criminal of this nature can confess to having committed those nasty crimes before a senior security officer and still Mbabazi not him or anybody in the alleged meeting, remains the ‘prime’ suspect!

Nevertheless, Kaka announced to Mbabazi thus; “I am sorry but you’re no longer in protection but under arrest. I will keep you here (Tal Cottages) until when I get a place to lock you up as a suspect.” Indeed, she was shown a room. “They put me in the room at 3pm. At night, I heard Jjuuko trying to access my room but in vain because the guard at my door refused to leave for a fictional meeting,” cried Mbabazi.

“The following day, he came to my room and accused me of always getting money from the President and refusing to share it. He said since I had refused his relentless sexual advances because I ‘sleep around with big people’, he had finally got me. He reminded me that he was the chief adviser to Kaka and that there is no way I could convince him anymore,” she cried.

Surprisingly though, Mbabazi claims Kaka had warned her of Jjuuko and group, saying they were capable of hurting her. “I asked him why he kept me among the very people he warned me of and he kept quiet,” she said. Efforts to reach Kaka were still futile by the time we uploaded this report.

Making sense of Police – ISO Clashes

Putting the above into consideration, it’s clear that Jjuuko and his police conduits had done a great job to hit at their target. Police raided   Mbabazi’s home, only to be temporarily delayed and played around by some of the Mbabazi sympathizers as calls were being made to regain the Presidential directives. Whereas all parties are beating around the bush on what exactly happened, the President has already replaced the guards with his own SFC lads… Kaka falls out with Mulowooza! Watch the space…

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