Shame as Gen. Kayihura’s Accuser Survives Poison in Security Custody, Flees the Country

Foes: Ali Kabanda (L) and General Kale Kayihura

CIP Records: He had eventually turned into a fugitive in his own house and country. Cases were daily being trumped up in a bid to have him arrested but in vain. He had known too much evil done by the crime infiltrated police some of which, he had been used to commit. But he had totally fallen out with them yet they couldn’t let go of the secrets he harbored.

Tired of running around for his life, Ali Kabanda, 33, the former Special Police Constable (SPC) attached to Flying Squad and Special Investigations Department respectively, elected to address his plight to the Court of Last Resort – the President, undressing the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura’s deeds before his master.

In the May 12th 2017-dated dossier, titled “Threats on my life by Gen. Kale Kayihura and Rwanda Operatives through SSP Nickson Agasiirwe over my knowledge of their wrong deeds,” Kabanda unleashed the dirty linen of the police boss and Rwandese operatives through whom, he would reportedly, unlawfully repatriate refugees back to their country for fatal reasons.

“Upon successful operation of Kajjansi murder investigations, I, along with two of my colleagues were approached by IGP’s Personal Assistant SSP Jonathan Baroza. He told us that he had a sensitive assignment sanctioned by the IGP and the President for us to implement. He said we were required to help in arresting and delivering Rwandese refugees for extradite. I reasoned that the same kind of work had brought issues to CP Joel Aguma without protection from the IGP and President to which he replied that Aguma was soon going to be redeployed and his pay raised.

In the same meeting, he called in Ismail Baguma whom he introduced as Rwanda’s attaché in Uganda. He said that Nickson and group, who were carrying out the exercise were becoming unruly. To me, everything looked disgusting for I know the rights of refugees. But because I had let myself to be told of the dangerous mission, a desire to confirm whether these things happened in my country arose. Baguma was later to introduce his working teams disguised as special hire drivers and boda-boda riders around the country. He told us they are members of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).

Soon after that, we arrested a Rwandese national, a laundry worker, from Kinoni trading centre along Masaka-Mbarara Highway. The man in his fifties pleaded to be killed here instead of extraditing him but in vain. We drove him up to somewhere between Kabare-Ntungamo borders. The other side of Rwanda waited RPF officers to whom we handed the ‘suspect’ at night. In these operations, we used three vehicles including two Ipsums and a Land cruiser. We would move in a group of about eight people. Also in the neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania were similar operations where, they would bring the victims, hand them over to us at Busia and Mutukula borders respectively. We would then pass on the same to Rwanda.

During this two months’ operation, we picked Rwandese from places like Mubende, Kiboga, Kampala (mostly in Kajjansi), Masaka, Mbarara, and Hoima among others. In total, we extradited about 10 Rwandese before I fell out with the team. This was at Kasubi where they wanted to arrest repatriate one person but chose to take him along with his three innocent friends. I thought whoever we arrested and returned had cases to answer back home but on further investigations, I realized all the people were meant for state execution. Around 2014, we were summoned at White Horse Hotel Kabale for a meeting with both IGPs of Rwanda and Uganda.” Read in part, the dossier that went viral.

After the missive, Kabanda’s situation rocketed from bad to worse. He was forced to run away from his home and his fugitive status shot into flying figures. However, the storm seemed settling down when, the Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss, Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka approached him, reportedly on President Museveni’s directives to have him secured, protected until the big man meets him. He grabbed the chance with a loud sigh.

Indeed, he was given a two-man security detail and a safe house was secured for him. At two occasions, he was taken to see the President but the big man kept postponing the appointment. Along the way, Kabanda however started noticing some foul play.

On one occasion, he reportedly learnt of Col. Kaka and Gen. Kayihura’s lengthy phone conversation whose purpose was to hand him over to police. “I confronted the Colonel about it and the mission died at its infancy,” Kabanda confided in us shortly before he fled to his safety in a foreign country.

The situation worsened when Kabanda got intelligence of plans to have him poisoned. A Shs200, 000 had been given to an informer to keep trail on him and to contact one of Kabanda’s housemates, Ismail Bwire, for the mission. He contacted Col. Kaka about it but the latter instead leaked the information to accused and jammed to secure Kabanda a safer place.

Contacted recently, Col. Kaka confirmed the development but said he didn’t detect any insecurity for Kabanda. The fact that Kabanda had at once arrested Ismael who, was later successfully convicted for murder before security sneaked him out for ‘intelligence’ help, did not smell enough insecurity for the two to be housed together, even with the poison reports in place. “I didn’t detect any insecurity to him at the time,” Kaka casually responded.

Ismael Bwire is among the many convicted criminals who benefit from police and other security’s ill-guided information that they are of more help when out than in incarceration. In his case, the 2013 Kajjansi OC murder convict lied that he had knowledge of Jamil Mukulu and the murder of the judicial boss Joan Kagezi, among others.

Museveni wakes up a little too late    

Information in our reach however, indicates it’s no longer at ease with Kaka and his colleague, the police boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura. Tension has taken form as President Yoweri Museveni has woken up to demand for a meeting with Kabanda over his missive. They want to get him returned but can’t even dream of his current location, our indisputable sources confirmed.

Like in the current case of a lady, Catherine Mbabazi whose life has been put on line by the very security gurus in the country, Kaka is reported to be looking for Kabanda to hand him over to the Principle whereas Gen. Kayihura wants him behind bars over some concocted charges to his name. But Kabanda, who successfully left the country over a fortnight ago, said he can only return to the country as a dead body or after when government has changed hands.

“They are laboring to milk bull. The President received my letter and put me on alert for over a month! On another note, Gen. Kayihura and his men told us that the President fully knew of the illegalities we committed on the Rwandese refugees. How sure can I be especially after he kept quiet on me for that long?” Kabanda roared when we spoke to him last night.

Kabanda now joins Joseph Ssegujja on the list of quite a number of ex police officers/operatives who have fled the country for their lives. It is a worrying situation especially with having police-protected and armed people like Ismael Bwire, Nickson Agasiirwe, Minaana, Paddy Sserunjogi aka Sobbi and other prison candidates amidst the public. Watch the space….

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  • Wante Martino

    One by one, all the Kayihura dirt will come out, surprising that even M7 knows, but chooses to keep a blind eye!