Dear Gen. Kayihura, The Police Efforts to Frustrate Justice in Wamala Murder is Becoming Unbearable and More Sickening

L-R: Gen. Kayihura, the writer and the Late Wamala

Dear Mr Kayihura, Please accept my unwarranted open letter to you at this time.  Given the silence on the progress on the murder of the late Wilberforce Wamala and informed by my experiences with underhand security operations under your watch my hunch is to engage with yourself along the following statements.  The aim of this communication is for you to confirm whether the following statements are true or false?

When I got in touch with you on this issue the consequence of this was intent to incriminate me in the murder of my husband as per your Modus Operandi.

I am saddened to learn that you are trying to create a case against SSP William Okalanyi under an allegation / suggestions that I have been paying Mr Okalany’s children’s school fees with a view to compromise his work.  Mr Okalany is an eloquent gentleman who not only understands but respects his work.  He is the most professional individual I have come across within the Ugandan Police Force and he deserves respect not criticism and definitely undeserving being besmirched and drugged in the mud by dastardly smears.  I am angry.  The only reason why this investigation has stunted, to be soft and or failed, to be harsh, has nothing to do with him (Mr Okalany, that is), but failures attributed to your Modus Operandi.

In May 2015 Mr Kayihura, during the meeting with the President, I made more than a special request by pleading on all fours with the President to permit Mr William Okalany to handle my late husband’s investigations to conclusion.

  1. One of the reasons why we preferred Mr William Okalany for this investigation was that it appeared that he was the only person that was prepared to do the right thing. Earlier on in this investigation, Mr Okalany who was at the time of my husband’s murder the Commissioner for the Homicide Department, (CHD) had informed us in the week of the late Wamala that he had advised the I.O Jinja Road Police to find Hassim Ssali, he convinced that Hassim Ssali’s disappearance was related to the late Wamala’s murder.  As it turned out to be the case, as confirmed by the late Ssali’s written EXTRA JUDICIAL STATEMENT and in his dying declaration.  I had reason to trust and respect his work and experience.
  2. The other reason for the request was because it was cost effective. Mr Okalany had been involved with this file since my husband was murdered, when Jinja Road Police turned out to be involved in the conspiracy to derail the investigation.  I pleaded with Madam D/AIGP Grace Akullo to remove the file from them.  It was pulled out of Jinja Road and sent to Kibuli CIID HQs where it ended up on Mr Okalany’s desk.  He was never given any facilitation to carry out any investigative work in relation to my husband’s murder hence.  I then hired Joseph Patrick Segujja and others to take over the investigation.  The Segujja group was tasked to find Hassim Ssali.  Mr Okalany worked with this team of police officers from the flying squad to pick up, interrogate and detain those Hassim Ssali had incriminated in the murder before he (Joseph Patrick Segujja, that is) himself succumbed to the modus operandi.  I presented an argument that bringing on board someone new was bound to either back track or delay the process thereby causing unnecessary expenditures.

At the time of our meeting with the President, we were waiting for the result of the inquest to hear the issues that may have led to Hassim Ssali’s death and indeed a few weeks after our meeting the inquest was held and gave its verdict.  The inquest determined that the late Suspect Hassim Ssali’s death was a homicide not a suicide as reported by the police pathologist.  If I may say so here, I also know what homicide means and the meanings thereof.  He (Hassim Ssali, that is) had been murdered in the custody of the police but yourself and your officers who were in charge of the police post cells that night did not contest nor appeal against that outcome.  Instead those with heightened anxiety created by the outcome of the inquest approached us and instead provided us with more conclusive evidence in form of extra Judicial statements endorsing/confirming our suspicions and; bolstering the magistrates findings.  We provided yourselves that is, the police and the public prosecution office with the report that was derived from the inquest.  The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) recalled for the file for further Perusal.

Precisely In November 2016, the file was returned to the police from the DPP’s office and specifically, was directed to the investigating officer Mr William Okalany.  After we made every effort to make sure that the file was safely back at his desk, the head of the police legal department Erasmus Turyaruhuka took it off Mr Okalany.  If I may infer here with reasons best known by your-good-self.  With that information in my camp we were prompted to find out where it was and why it had been removed from the investigating officer.  On speaking to Mr Turyaruhuka, he denied the allegations but when pressed under pressure he claimed it had been removed from Okalany because you Mr Kayihura, had asked him (Mr Turyaruhuka) to do so.  Mr Kayihura, I sent you numerous texts re-this issue but you never responded, unsurprisingly.  Frustrated to the marrow, I was compelled to write to the President.  Mr Kayihura, you went against the orders of the President and you seem determined to frustrate this investigation.  You cannot therefore suggest that you went against the President’s orders because you suspected foul play because my statements against your choice of Investigating Officer (IO) came way earlier to what you are planning to justify your reasons.  If I may infer here that this is creative evidencing.

It was clear from the report that came from the DPP’s office that those involved in the Late Wamala’s murder were finally going to be charged should the file be returned to the DPP’s office with the required information.  You did this with a view to sabotage the process.  You have been unfortunate with this respective case that we have persistently followed up, a fact that has given you and your officers a bit of a nightmare.  If I may infer here, you are not used to being challenged; or allow your ego to be bruised.  If I may infer here by recalling the adage ‘The Emperor is naked’.

Mr Kayihura, in August this year, I sent ‘a messenger’ to meet the IO on my late husband’s file.  On his arrival, Mr Okalany was not at CID HQ but one Mr Mande the current Commissioner for Homicide (CfH) was in office and he was willing to talk about the case with him (a messenger that is).  What was so surprising was that Mr Mande spent four hours talking to my messenger about me and my alleged involvement into the crime but he did not discuss any one else.  He made a statement that he was not supposed to discuss the investigation with anyone, which was all well. He had concluded by listening to the ‘messenger’ who tried to reassure me that all was well.

My question to him (Mr Mande, that is) shocked him out of his own system, I cautioned him about his earlier statement that “if he (Mr Mande, that is), was not willing to discuss anything from the investigation, how come he had no problem discussing me for a period of four hours?”, He also suggested that there were no funds to carry on with the investigation.  The money that he had used to investigate those who had assisted me with the investigation he claimed he had borrowed it from other cases.  The ‘messenger’ then suggested that I made plans to facilitate the investigation.  Feeling frustrated to the core about this feedback, I sent this Mr Mande a voice note (for evidencing purposes) on WhatsApps stressing that considering the information derived from the meeting he had had with ‘my messenger’, he did not need facilitation but required brain surgery if he were to make sense of the investigation.  I was incensed to the marrow hence the outburst.

It is also unfortunate that Mr Mande forgets to mention that on the day of this meeting he was given money, which he received with his two hands and put it in his pockets without any ceremony. The ‘messenger’ was there to get a feedback from the investigations; my assumption was that as a complainant, I was entitled to this information.  I had received inside information from a trusted source that Mr Mande had been placed into the uni-track/linear investigation by the IGP to turn me into a suspect.  This Modus Operandi was to try and place me at the murder scene.  With messages of such conspiracies, I decided to send someone to CID HQs to study the situation.  The person (the messenger that is) I sent was an independent soul who knew very little about me as a person but knew enough about my Husband’s murder.  I presume that my husband’s murder is now public knowledge.  However, this Mr Mande did not disappoint me as he set upon to reveal your Modus operandi to this person.  For over a period of four hours this one Mr Mande unveiled the plan to place me at the murder scene providing the unsuspecting person with what he thought was the evidence that was supposed to pin on me as the murderer of my husband, I had heard these statements earlier from Charles Mugambe, the questions he thought he had lined up for me were being discussed with everyone who Mande expected knew me. I was captivated by the stupidity, an overzealous detective with no experience boasting his ego about what he did not realise were just rumours. Can anyone build a case on rumours?   If I may infer here, just imagine that.

One of the evidence he thought was exclusive and the most conclusive to his investigation was that I had bought a property in my late husband’s drivers names a one Ben Zziwa, and that my husband had no knowledge of the purchase of this property. I have since provided this Mande with information to contradict these statements.  The sale agreement is in my names, the titles are yet to be transferred to my names from that of the vendor and basically I have provided him with proof that my husband was in the know only that I used a legal representative to handle the purchase for reasons known to both of us.  The late Wamala did not have a problem with the plan to build our retirement home on the said plot of land.

Another of the many allegations laid out on the day was that this one Mr Mande asserted that I had paid six million Uganda Shillings to the group who I hired to go to Gomba to find the suspect Hassim Ssali; my response was that it was over 10 Million.  If I may restate here ad nauseam:  Mr Kayihura, your officers had ignored the DPPs request to find Hassim Ssali, so we went and found him and like day follows night he ended up dead in police custody, that is under your watch.  Why haven’t you cautioned the police officers that were on duty that day instead of looking at framing those who arrested him and handed him over to what was supposed to be a safe custody? The Kaweesi’s talk of the cell being in an un-gazetted area was to mislead the public.  Mr Kayihura you and your officers on this investigation are aware that the SD’s report book confirmed that one SGT Abel Tumukunde and one ASP Fred Tumuhairwe had signed for the suspect that night and took him out of the cell to where they murdered him before returning him to the cell to hung him up using his jacket in a bid to mislead us into believing that the suspect had actually committed suicide.  The inquest dismissed the police’s pathological report as the independent Pathologist set out to dismantle his report giving evidence that the deceased had died before being hung up.  If I may infer here, ‘less that a dishonest ‘deconstruction’

The CfH declared me as a person of interest in this murder investigation, he (Mr Mande, that is) concluded by vowing that once it was all done you (Mr Kayihura, that is) promised him a promotion and if he does not get it he would resign from the force.  I am waiting to see how you are going to pull this off.  Unlike many that you have falsely incarcerated, you have not managed to do it to me because I am blessed.  If I may infer here, my tenacity and brain has been my defence and the relationships I have made on this Journey have been my best resource.

Mr Kayihura, this one Mr Mande quoted the same statements that had been quoted in court submissions, that I had spent a whole year without having physical contact with my husband at the time of his murder.  The period being talked about was the period after we renewed our wedding vows.  It was clear from these statements that those involved in this murder have been given a chance to come up with a strategy to pave my way to Luzira Prison.

Unfortunately, you are now dealing with the mess that you have created; I am tougher and resilient to your irreverent statements.  The Mafias running this criminal racket without any citation even managed to convince the Supreme Court Justices that I was separated from my husband quoting section 30 of the Succession Act to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. The struggle to get the mafia what they want from the estate has been real as they have managed to influence/ corrupt court officials as they pumped money into the drains to keep afloat. My Kayihura, we are just behind you if you bothered to look back. The Justices decision to consequently eliminate me from an estate of which I have been confirmed to be the widow did not move me; I have presented them with evidence that I am a beneficiary not by default but through company shares that I legally own in the estate even if I were separated.  I have provided the court and yourselves with evidence of my travel visas, boarding passes, receipts as to proof of purchase for airline tickets to destroy what you think is your evidence.  We are back in court over the estate and I am confident that I will deal with the criminal side when the time comes.  Long live the truism ‘Innocent until proven Guilty’ Death to your Modus Operandi ‘Guilty until proven Innocent’.

According to ‘my messenger’ this one Mr Mande stated that my late husband’s file had not been allocated any funds, but this was not new.  Even during the period when Mr Okalanyi was in that office, word was going around that no money had been allocated to the file by Mr Musana.  Efforts to meet him (Mr Musana, that is) proved futile as it became clear that he did not wish to engage with us.  I have therefore always facilitated the investigations directly and indirectly, whatever the hardship I and the orphans bore.

Over the years I appreciated the hardship Mr Okalany had to go through to try and get us justice and I have humanely rewarded him in kind but I have never directly paid him money to influence the investigation as your one Mark Odong and one Mande are now alleging.  The people who are trying to tarnish Mr Okalany’s name are the same people who have been involved in the conspiracy to derail this investigation to not only deny us justice but sweep the Wamala murder issues under both the police and judicial carpets.

This one Mark Odong was the regional CID Jinja road and he was involved in a bid to frame me for this murder, he is the one who is claimed to have taken my late husband’s scene of crime pictures and again he, can be cited in this investigation when he is strategically placed in the homicide department after the suspect was murdered in police custody.

Mr Kayihura, as sad as I feel about the police’s intent on the issue of miscarriage of justice in my husband’s case, I am however confident that Mr Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder has breathed a new life in our own murder investigation.  The international agencies studying our case have picked interest; they want to understand the theory behind the Late Kaweesi’s murder alongside the Wamala’s murder. The late Wamala fell victim, whilst his death has classic similarities to that one of Amos Ngabirano’s and one Katusiime Frank’s  robberies in which your trusted boys SGT Abel Tumukunde and ASP Fred Tumuhairwe allegedly targeted their laptops and phones but at least they survived, the Eritrean and the Late Wamala, were murdered for nothing else but their money.

The recent discovery of the forged land transfer form for the Muyenga property confirms the involvement of one Haji Nasser Lubega and one Saidi Bukenya in the late Wamala’s murder.  We always knew they were involved and it was not difficult to connect the dots given their clandestine involvement in trying to illegally dispose of the late Wamala’s estate.  The late Wamala while alive had complained about the irregularities after Saidi Bukenya handled the transfer but never checked with land office to ascertain why the details he expected to be held on the title had been removed.  This information along with copies of the late Wamala’s most recent signatures were passed on to Mr Kayihura’s choice of I.O by Mr Okalany.  A writing expert report to confirm that the document is a forgery is yet to be obtained and placed on the file.  Mr. Kayihura, your choice of I.O managed to find resources and time to go to Jinja to take another statement from the witness who in an extra Judicial statement had incriminated Andrew Felix Kaweesi, one Chemusto Francis and Jolly Kasande in Ssali’s murder.  

The trio were cited at Bukasa Police Post on the night of the murder.  The late Kaweesi was observed with cans of what was expected to be chloroform after the witness over heard the late Kaweesi asking someone whether he had sprayed it well and whether everyone was sleeping? It was at this point that one ASP Fred Tumuhairwe and one SGT Abel Tumukunde reportedly went to the cell whilst the rest of the detainees slept off to the effects of Chloroform and therefore were able to remove the suspect who was killed and returned to the cell where they hung him up.  This one Mr Mande went to Gomba to re-investigate the Late Ssali’s arrest with the view to uncover any irregularities in our statements, he investigated everyone that assisted me with our own private investigations and according to him  he did not take any statements from those who the deceased suspect incriminated in his confession.

On reflection Mr Kayihura, there were so many times I tried to meet you but I did not realise that you were avoiding me until after the late Kaweesi’s death! Can I now suggest that you and your men lay off framing us for the murder we all know the architects?

The Promise:  I will never give up on my husband.  I will continue to push to get him justice regardless of how high the hurdles are, the stumbling blocks thrown on my path and all sorts of imagined and imaginary barriers being schemed.

Elizabeth Wamala


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