Investigations: Stampede as Millennium Estate Developers’ Bosses are probed for Land Grabbing

The vehicle in which Kasiwuukira was kidnapped

WAKISO, Uganda. The hardest part for The Investigator is to reveal what will happen next to Ismail Semakula and his team of the Millennium Estates Developers amidst the escalating criminal investigation into his immense land grabbing antics.

We can exclusively report is that the land guru he himself, wherever he may be, living in fear of expecting the ‘unexpected’

About a month ago we reported in these pages how a widow, a one Resty Bulyaba aged 55, a former NRA bush-war hero and mother of six was grappling with the recovery of her 8 acres piece of land reportedly grabbed by the ‘gang of mafias’ led by Ismail Semakula of the Millennium Estates Developers.

The issue of land grabbing in the country especially by mafias disregarding the will and rights of widows and orphans continues in earnest. The worrying trend of escalating land issues prompted the fountain of Honor, President Yoweri Museveni to institute a land probe inquiry headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemererwe

Today, The Investigator unearths another shocking land grab again by Millennium Estates Developers. On the spot again is none other than Ismail Ssemakula, the CEO of the firm and his agents. The 7 affected victims of this latest land grab sought the services of the Investigator to highlight their plight.

Luwandaga posing at the ‘land not for sale’ signpost at her peice of land

We indeed went on ground, after one and half hours drive on a dusty 76km road through Kitende, Sisa, Nakawuka, Kasanje, finally destined in Bubebbere village, Busiro South in Wakiso district.

The locals intimated to us that a one Fenekansi Musoke (deceased) owned huge chunks of land in Bubebbere. When he passed on, his grandson, Kasiwukira Godfrey, was granted the powers of administration over the 55 acres of land.

The Investigator verified these claims having secured copies of the Letters of Administration Cause No. 785 of 2009 signed by Justice Faith Mwondha on the 15th December 2011.

The Genesis of the woes

What we gathered is that around or between 2012, Kasiwukira wanted to process land titles of his grandfathers’ land so as to sell off some. Since he had no cash, he started off by selling some plots.

The land sale agreements we obtained showed that Dorothy Luwandaga purchased two acres at Ugx 10m on the 4th and 5th December 2012 for her children namely; Nkuutu Menya and Pennie Menya.

In 2013, October 28th a one Enid Nasasira an employee of Civil Aviation Authority and her husband, purchased two (2) acres of land at shs12 million. Then Hassan Kazibwe and his mother purchase three (3) acres at UGX12 million.

The broker who connected the buyers to Kasiwukira said the purchase was witnessed by the area LC I chairperson, who has since passed on.

Enters Millennium Estate Developers

Investigations we conducted indicated that using his scouts and agents (Shaban Sekunbuge Haruna Ssemakadde and Ssali Jamilu), Ismail Ssemakula sighted bare land and opted to purchase 8 acres out of the 55 acres belonging to Kasiwukira.

The allegedly ill-gotten land title by Ssemakula

Area locals however revealed that when Ssemakula saw the an-utilized land, he promised to secure the land title for the entire 55 acres for Kasiwukira if he sold to him the entire land.

In the process, Kasiwukira was deluded into signing a sales agreement, a copy of which we have in our possession. In the hand written agreement, Ssali Juma indicated that he had purchased 55.6 acres of land on Block 552 Plot 28 in Busiro at UGX190 million.

Kasiwukira was paid cash of shs5 million and lured into signing the agreement. In the agreement, the balance of shs185 million was to be paid in four installments within a period of 160 days. The truth about this entire transaction can only be reveled by Kasiwukira who has since vanished.

Shortly after, Millennium Estate Developers brought in graders that erased crops causing massive damage and loss. It is here that the 7 buyers started the battle to regain their land. When they approached Kasiwukira, Ismael Ssemakula, Shaban Senkubuge and Haruna Semakadde whisked him (Kasiwukira) in a motor vehicle registration number UAU 777S.

Kasiwukira whose phones went off since then has never been seen again in Bubebbere. The Investigator pitched camp around Kasanja for two weeks and established that Kasiwukira is alive but under custody of the Millennium Estates Developers team. “I always see him around but at night. He is not dead but in hiding,” one resident revealed.

The battle starts

The victims led by Dorothy Luwandaga started the battle to recover their land. Efforts to get help at Kasanje Police Station were futile as the officers were purportedly reported as having been already ‘pocketed’ by Ssemakula.

Luwandaga unveiling their documentary evidence to us

They reported a malicious damage and criminal trespass at Entebbe Police station vide reference number SD80/02/05/16. They still didn’t get any help. The victims approached the Wakiso district chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwanika in a letter dated 10th June 2016 seeking for urgent help, all the chairperson did was refer them to the lands officers, who gave a deaf ear.

Luwandaga led the team to State House where they were referred to Gertrude Njuba, the head Directorate of Land matters at State House.

In a letter dated 22 June 2016 (Ref: DLM109/06/016), Njuba summoned Kasiwukira Godfrey, Ssali Jamilu, Ssemakadde Haruna, Kasirye Charles, Nabweteme Allen, Senkubuge Shaban and Semakula Ismael for a meeting to resolve the impulse but all these snubbed the summons.

As Dorothy and her friends struggled to get a caveat for the said land from Wakiso, a land title in the names of Millennium Estate Developers was already out. Meanwhile, State House instructed the victims to utilize the land by putting in structures as the case is ironed out. For now, Luwandaga and her pals are growing crops and have also put up temporary structures and guards as they continue to leave in fear.

The Investigator contacted Millennium Estates chief Ismael Ssemakula who said the land is his. One of his agents, Haruna Ssemakadde said; “Going to State House will not help. Museveni doesn’t own land. That land is ours, let those complaining go to court, we shall battle them from there.”

However, we can reliably report that fresh cases of malicious damage, trespass, kidnap and forgery have been opened at CIID headquarters Kibuli and the hunt is on for the ‘gang’. Watch this space.

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