Kampala University’ Guild Council pledge to end Strikes as the Administration Promise Changes

Prof. Kateregga speaking to Students (Photo: Ambrose Musasizi)

MASAKA, Uganda: The new guild president of Kampala University Masaka Campus Allen Kyakuwa has pledged before the Vice Chancellor Prof. Badru Ddungu Kateregga never to gear or plan strikes at campus again.

Kyakuwa revealed this information on Saturday evening during the celebrations of the belated freshers’ ball at the campus gardens in Masaka. “With this new revised system of open door policy we have started to experience at campus, l am ensuring you that no further strikes and demonstrations will take place under my regime”, she said.

Professor Kateregga, also the proprietor of this University appealed to the students to avoid locking up their minds in strikes every time they wish to experience change at the Campus.

“Strikes just drug us behind economically and also hinder your academic progress. Once the campus is closed it becomes very hard to recover the time wasted.” he explained.

He further urged the students to focus at attaining a bright future as they put into consideration their parents’ tuition that is paid at the University administration.

“Most of your parents hustle to get money for your tuition but you instead take it lightly. You had therefore better focus at pleasing yourselves and your parents at the same time”, he added.

The campus experienced a number of strikes in the previous semester that led to the suspension of the entire guild council and three campus administrators.

Prof. Kateregga said that one of the campus slogans states that they shall never engage in demonstrations even if it is peaceful in nature.

Muhiire Kanyanasoro, the Campus director said most of the issues detested by students over years are now a thing of the past.

“We have installed the computer lab and updating the library, the access to the examination results and cards is now done via online. We don’t expect long queues to the responsible offices anymore.” Mr Kanyanasoro explained.

Though the issue of studying in tents and poor internet networks are still a challenge at the campus, the Vice chancellor said all will be solved on their new purchased land in Masaka town.

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