Typical Con Woman Arrested with Fake Dollars after swindling a Centenary Bank Client of cash worth Shs700, 000

Nakakumba trying to hide her face at Kyotera Police

KYOTERA, Uganda: A 37 year old woman claiming to be named Vivian Nakakumba has been arrested by Kyotera Police in Kyotera district for allegedly conning a centenary bank client of cash worth UGX700, 000.

Nakakumba was arrested yesterday at Centenary bank, Kyotera branch after being suspected to be in the process of conning other clients. Her arrest came after one of the clients recognized her and alerted the security operatives for her arrest.

It is said that Nakakumba had met Apophia Amumpaire last month in Centenary bank, Lyantonde branch and conned her of the said dimes. Amumpaire is an employee of Kings Sports Betting but was transferred from Lyantonde to Kalisizo branch after being coned by Nakakumba.

“She told me she had been working as a maid in an Indian family but they had mistreated her and she decided to run away. She however claimed to have ran away with some dollars which she had no time to exchange and asked me to give her any Ugandan shillings I had so that she goes into hiding because the Indians were following her”, explained Amumpaire.

Nakakumba was also found with fake dollars amounting to 127 in her bag. The fake dollars were confirmed by Centenary bank employees in Kyotera who pleaded with Police to arrest Nakakumba for she was an International con woman.

Nakakumba denied owning the dollars and said they belonged to a one Nyerere who she didn’t know. “The man told me his name was Nyerere and was ignorant about exchanging dollars. I’m therefore simply trying to exchange them for him to get Ugandan shillings”, she added.

Amumpaire said she only wanted her money because she almost lost her job as her employers thought she had taken the cash. Musa Kayongo, the Kyotera District Police Commander said Nakakumba was a typical liar since the so called Nyerere was nowhere to be found.

“We are going to detain Nakakumba so that she reveals all the people she works with. I call upon all other people who could have been conned out there to come and identify her”, he said.
Kayongo added that if anyone could have been coned by Nakakumba, she should pay back their money and will also be taken to courts of law and charged for obtaining fake currencies.

Kayongo however said there has to be more proof of Nakakumba’s name because she could have faked it since she failed to produce any of her identifications like the National Identity Card. Two charges of theft and obtaining fake money were preferred against Nakakumba at Kyotera police station.

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