Horrible! Shock as Man Chops off Wife’s Palm, Kills newly born Twins over Confessed Infidelity

Dr. Kiyemba attending to Namatovu at Rakai Hospital. Right is Namatovu's copped palm (Photos by Ambrose Musasizi)

RAKAI, Uganda: Regina Namatovu of Bumogolo village in Byakabanda Sub County, Rakai district has had to observe the festive season without one of her palms after her long time husband and father to her four children Asuman Ssekidde, chopped it off with a sharp panga.

The incident followed a very bitter argument between the two lovers over who fathered the newly born twins whom Namatovu delivered on Monday, last week.

Amidst the argument, Namatovu revealed to Ssekidde that the twins belonged to another man who had the best care compared to him who abandoned his family for almost a year.

The aggrieved Ssekidde on hearing the bad news picked a very sharp panga in the house and applied several cuts on his wife. Namatovu and her five days’ old twins suffered severe wounds resulting to the death of the toddlers vide over bleeding.

The twins with their mother were rushed to Rakai hospital for treatment and the doctors promised to do the needful to heal the mother from the wounds.

Dr. Yasin Kiyemba a doctor at Rakai hospital said one of the twins died after reaching the hospital. “The children had been brought to hospital a bit earlier but unfortunately the wounds were so severe to contain blood in them and I’m sorry to announce they are dead”, he explained.

He said they are yet to refer Namatovu to Mulago hospital where there’s a CT scan because no nearby hospital has it. “We assume blood could have gone to her brain which needs a scan”, explained the doctor.

Speaking to The Investigator, Ssekidde said he had no regrets for his fatal deeds. “I don’t regret it at all because this woman has been sleeping with other men in my absence. I left my home and went to Kalangala to look for greener pastures so that they have better standards of living and look what she had to pay me”, he wondered.

Ssekidde, who has been a fisherman and a casual laborer in Kalangala further said that he would hustle without neglecting any work and despite the rumors from the village mates, he minded less.

He added that he was however shocked when the wife he trusted revealed it herself that the twins belonged to another man. “I don’t care what comes my way but I even wanted her to disappear from my site for the rest of my life”, Ssekidde added.

Ssekidde is being detained at Rakai police station as further investigations proceed, according to the Rakai DPC, Patience Baganzi.

Baganzi urged married people to always be faithful to their partners so that such incidents are prevented. She also advised lovers to be very careful in this festive season as they think about their children.

“If one of the parents is harmed in such ways, this gives hard time to the other parent to look after the kids and in the long run it will be the children to suffer”, she said.

Lameck Kigozi, the Police spokesperson in the Greater Masaka region confirmed the incident and urged residents to always report to the authorities other than dealing with their trauma by themselves.

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