CIP Records: Shock as Kitatta and Group are set to Walk Free as Gen. Kayihura orders Police not to Open Case Files against Them

Gen. Kale Kayihura (L) refuse to open charges against his friend and leader of Bodaboda 2010 Abdu Kitatta (Photo sourced from Utube)
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KAMPALA, Uganda: Relatives and friends to the fallen Case Clinic Accountant Francis Ekalungar have all the reasons to settle for their painful loss, forget to ever get justice for their loved one as his killers have been ‘exonerated’ by the Uganda Police Force, the Investigator exclusively report.

This ugly development comes at the heels of orders from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura to all police stations in the country not to dare open any case files against the over thirsty suspects in the murder of the slain and burnt to ashes accountant Ekalungar.

Whereas two in custody and three others still at large are directly connected to the callous murder, the rest are charged with obstructing security from arresting the suspects, assault of the arresting officers and destruction of government property on Saturday during the arresting of Kitatta’s Boda-boda 2010 lieutenants.

The standstill of the cases unveiled self yesterday when, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives roamed around five police stations in a bid to have their statements and those of accused persons recorded only to hit a dead end.

“We have strict directives not to open any file and or record any statements of cases from CMI,” a top police source revealed to the Investigator this afternoon. The stations that turned down CMI officers include Nateete, Katwe, Jinja Road, Kiira Road and Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala. Stuck and confused, they trotted to the Directorate of Public Prosecution for legal advice before they hit a dead end.

The Investigator established that the DPP advised CMI to find all means of cooperating with police as there is no shortcut to prosecuting the suspects without their police statements. Whereas there would be an alternative to file for a private prosecution, it again requires a police file. For starters, CMI can only prosecute suspects in Court Martial and not in civil courts.

Sources privy with the developments told us that it all started when CMI jammed to bow to Gen. Kayihura’s pressure to unconditionally release Abdallah Kitatta, claiming he had no case. CMI responded with questioning him whether he was the one with the file to determine that his man had no charges to his name. It should be remembered that Gen. Kayihura recently kowtowed to security pressure to release a one Sserunjogi aka Sobbi and could expect a scratch on his back in return.

Apart from obstructing security from arresting the suspects, Kitatta is accused of having facilitated his brother Muzamir with Shs200, 000 that was used to hire the vehicle, a super custom in which, on January 2nd 2018, they trailed Ekalungar from the city center to Munyonyo where they killed him at 12:45 before they drove the body back to town. We are reliably informed that the vehicle has since been recovered and is being kept as one of the exhibits at Kireka detention center.

Back in the city center, the suspects fearlessly wandered around with the body as they bought firewood, petrol and other substances they were to use in burning their victim later in the night. At about midnight, they drove to Kajjansi where, they torched Ekalungar’s body to ashes at 2:00am, our irrefutable source privy with the investigations offered. It is a sad story that even with this overwhelming evidence built from their own confessions, they are set to walk free, thanks to their godfather in IGP.

More disturbing revelation is that the three prime suspects at large have too, gone deep into hiding after they reportedly had a meeting with Gen. Kayihura on Friday. “We have believable intelligence that they were led by KMP Commandant Frank Mwesigwa to this meeting. After that, their phones went off and they ran away from their homes. We believe they are kept in a safe house around town,” a source revealed.

As the bad blood continue to thicken between CMI, ISO, Security Minister and Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura, members of the public should brace themselves to stomach the ugly consequences. If Ekalungar is to receive any tribe of justice, it now remains to the Court of Last Opinion and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, the President Yoweri Kaguta to prevail over his Police boss to allow justice flow.

The murder suspects set to be loose and thrown back into the peace-yearning Ugandan society, and most of whom are Boda-boda 2010 stage chairpersons are; Kiwalabye Huzairu, Abdul Kitata, Kiwalabye Huzairu, Mawa Muzamiru, Kikandi Muhindo, Bizimani David, Ssebandeke John, Bwanika Fred, Ssengoba Hassan Kibirige Joel, Kayondo Johnathan, Ssemogerere Sunday Kiseka, Ssemogerere Sadam, Barigye Asaf, Nsindazi Joseph, Ngobi Sowali and Arinaitwe Thomas.

Others are; Ssekaja Ibrahim, Ssozi Frank, Kirya Shaban, Mugema Hussein, Kagajju Joram, Ssebata Hassan, Ssenfuka Matia, Kiddugavu John, Kasirye Godfrey, Lukyamuzi Enock, Ssengonzi Laurence, Twinomujuni Amon, Makumbi Frank and Kanyamudali Thomas

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