CIP Remnants’ series: I flagged Kaweesi’s car down for his callous murder – Gen. Kayihura’s boy Confesses

WTF! Gen. Kale Kayihura (Courtesy Photo)
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KAMPALA, Uganda: For over a year now, there has always been a conundrum on how fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s car, a manual, stayed in a parking mode with the engine on before and after he was showered with tens of killer bullets along with his driver and body guard on the morning of 17th March 2017.

For starters, it takes a driver and or a knowledgeable person to know that in such an incident of abrupt shooting at one’s car, the vehicle will lose control, shove off the road and maybe, ram into anything. But this was not the case in the fallen senior police’s incident and hence without finding out who prompted the driver to stop the car and their motive, the case would be dead and well laid in the cemetery, reason it remained a puzzle to the investigators.

However, we can exclusively report that this puzzle got solved on Monday when joint security operatives arrested Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura’s blue eyed boy, Abbey Kitagenda, who henceforth confessed to having waved down Kaweesi’s car to a halt before his assassins opened fire onto the car, killing the trio instantly.

“Kindly don’t torture me. I’m ready to cooperate but what you need to know is that I did whatever I did on orders from above. I hope you know what I mean by ‘orders from above,’” the evidently resigned Kitagenda confessed to the arresting officers at Nasser road before he was whisked away to yet unidentified detention along with his sister (names withheld).

The Investigator established that Kitagenda, the hitherto defunct Flying Squad Commandant in charge of Kampala North stationed in Kawempe, was arrested from his sister’s work place at Nasser Road where she was helping him with paperwork regarding his plans to escape to Canada.

One of the pioneers of the defunct dreaded Nalufeenya torture/detention center, Kitagenda had sneaked out of the country to Dubai after Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested his boss Nixon Karuhanga Agasiirwe and others over several charges including illegal repatriation of Rwandese refugees, murders and robberies among others.

In Dubai, he wanted to switch to United Kingdom where his other sister (names withheld) is a citizen. However, his sisters’ intelligence gathered that a lot of Kitagenda and company’s victims back home had successfully sought refuge in the UK and his life would be in danger when there. He then thought of switching to America but his sister’s contacts there revealed the same story as that of the UK.

“She told me the best way was to go back home and arrange to seek a Canadian visa,” Kitagenda confessed to security investigators. Indeed, in April, he clandestinely entered Uganda and started on the paperwork for Canada visa. However, the runaway operative’s chances ran out on Monday when intelligence gathered that he was due for an interview at the Canadian Embassy on Tuesday.

“We tracked him down and got him at Nasser Road with the sister helping him with the final stages of his paperwork. We arrested them but latter released his sister,” an operative privy with the operation intimated to us last night. Kitagenda is not a new name in the Investigator pages. He was one of brutal Nixon Agasiirwe’s deputies who committed several crimes against humanity.

Another such illiterate armed SPC was Mahmood Matovu who used to supervise Nixon’s Car bonds spread around the city, his Mityana-Kampala bound taxis and trucks. Stories are told that whenever police needed to buy cars for intelligence work and/or the IGP wishes to buy a particular informer or intimate friend a car, its Nixon who would provide the same from his several car shacks.

Other Nixon’s armed and uniformed gangsters include Isaak Ssegawa, Musa Mukiibi, Bob Kwikiriza and Alex Birungi among others. Most of these people are still at large and armed with guns and pistols. In fact, on his arrest, the former Wembley cum VCCU cum SOU operative, Kitagenda reluctantly declared and handed over his pistol to the arresting officers.

Is Gen. Kayihura safe?

The Investigator can authoritatively report that Kitagenda’s arrest is no good news to the former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Edward Kalekyezi Kayihura aka Kale Kayihura. “The fact that he (Kitagenda) insists that he always committed the said offenses on orders from above means something at the then helm of police,” offered the source.

Indeed, Kitagenda’s immediate supervisor was Nixon Agasiirwe who we have irrefutably established, confessed to the Last Court of Opinion (LACO) that he, and his team committed the reported crimes on orders from Gen. Kale Kayihura. Anybody above Kayihura would be the LACO (the President) but the same has since proved he was innocent of most of his hitherto blue eyed boy’s ill deeds.

Currently ‘self-exiled’ in Kashagama, Kabula County in Lyantonde district, Gen. Kayihura is reportedly busy transforming his majorly goat-rearing farm in preparation for the most feared development (read prison). During his 12-year tenancy at the helm of the Uganda Police, the Ugandan of Rwandese origin is reported to have committed several crimes against humanity, but most treasonous was reportedly sharing Uganda’s intelligence secrets with a foreign country and illegal repatriation of Rwandese and Sudan’s refugees with use of Nixon and Kitagenda groups.   Watch this space

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