Bean Weevil Files: Fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder on top of Gen. Kale Kayihura’s charge sheet

Kayihura is charged with killing his hitherto blue eyed boy Andrew Felix Kaweesi (Courtesy Photo)
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In the midst of our CIP Records, then IGP General Kale Kayihura successfully sought an appointment with yours truly through two prominent politicians. In the less than ten minutes’ meeting, he asked; “Why do you say I killed Kaweesi?” I informed him there’s nowhere I have ever stated that he killed him.

“But everybody who insinuates it says they pick from your website!” the answer was; “I guess those people simply read between lines but we have never reported that you killed Kaweesi.” From this, he asked what went wrong and the answer was; “Everything went wrong.”

Seeing no signals of kowtowing into his poohoo, and with two ‘strangers’ amidst us, he called off the meeting, claiming he was going to prepare for his presentation at Parliament the next day for his term renewal. Driven by his sworn enemy Ali Kabanda, I excused myself and we sped off, not noticing Kabanda’s presence in the area. Well, that’s an old story…

Yesterday on our official Facebook page, we broke the big story of how the biggest hotel in Lyantonde, Court Yard Hotel had been cordoned off by over fifty military officers reportedly in tow of two UPDF generals, all in search for the Gen. Kayihura. We further insinuated that with the involvement of the Generals, the impending arrest of the hitherto all-powerful police boss was inevitable.

Indeed, prominent journalists and media houses prematurely announced his arrest. However, the security spin doctors managed to convince some media outlets, including the ‘leading’ Daily, New Vision who reported that the General was a free man enjoying tea at his farm in Kashagama. We stood by our story even when others pulled theirs down and issued apologies.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long. Sources started shifting positions, saying Kayihura was not arrested but on his way to meet the CDF, Gen. David Muhoozi. We further broke the news of his and others’ interrogation session at Mbuya barracks, headed by none other than the CDF himself, along with Counter terrorism, Crime Intelligence, CID bosses and the leading investigators in the cases leveled against Gen. Kayihura, Col. Ndahura and former FSU boss Herbert Muhangi among others.

Our pries at Mbuya can exclusively confirm that top among the charges is the callous murder of hitherto blue-eyed boy to General Kayihura, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi on March 17th 2017 near his home at Kulambiro, Nakawa Division. Kaweesi was on that day destined for Mukono-based Christian University for a workshop.

He was however, reportedly diverted by his boss’ call, telling him to rush to Daily Monitor and correct a certain story vide a rebuttal. This explains why Kaweesi took an opposite direction from his home. He only drove a hundred metres before he was showered with killer bullets that instantly killed him along with his driver and bodyguard.

In these pages lies a story where, we reported how the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had on Thursday 16th March 2017 summoned Gen. Kayihura, DPP Michael Chibita, CP William Okalany and other detectives who had handled the five-year long investigations into the murder of a city businessman Wilberforce Ssendeeba Wamala on March 12th 2012 at his home of Mutungo.

The President had earlier about a year, promised Wamala widow, Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala that he would follow her case to the satisfactory conclusion. “I have heard your story but I won’t let you go back unprotected. I know my people,” the President reportedly told Wamala and asked her to sleep over as he sourced her security. He stood by his word and Wamala has always had two guards whenever she visits Uganda.

On that Thursday, the President was reported bitter with Kayihura and directed the team to complete the investigations and apprehend whoever was involved. To this end, all signals pointed at Kaweesi who had done whatever in his power to sabotage the case. A story is told how SSP Mark Odong reportedly picked some vital evidence from the Scene of Crimes Officer, reportedly on Kaweesi’s orders.

Going by the Presidential orders, Kaweesi wasn’t safe anymore. This reporter has it on good record that on that evening, Kaweesi called his sister living in Eastern Uganda and informed her of his impending arrest. He also met one of his friends, Catherine Mbabazi and gave her some vital information to pass on to only the President.

Days after Kaweesi murder, Mbabazi’s home was raided. She said the four young intruders raped her and tortured her asking for the reported recording Kaweesi left with her. The Munyarwanda lady in her stood to her guns before they robbed her of all her music discs in hope they could find the recording. The incident reached the President who ordered his friend, a city businessman to secure her. The businessman took her to his country home of Kalangala until when the President was ready to see her. He later did and provided her with security to date.

Back on the Thursday meeting, the Investigator reported then how, on their way back to Kampala, the visibly disturbed and terrified Kayihura stopped the convoy for three times and each time, he would get out of his car, come to Okalanyi’s and asked what could be done. The reserved Okalanyi reported replied, “I don’t know sir,” each time.

Okalanyi is a no nonsense senior detective who handled Wamala murder file from the beginning. As his work seemed promising and would not take him long to apprehend the culprits, he was questionably switched from CID to Police Headquarters in the legal department, hence handing over the file to another person.

On the 17th March 2017 shortly before Kaweesi’s murder, Okalanyi and team prepared to go to DPP’s chambers for implementation of the Presidential directive. On their way, Okalanyi reportedly received a call from General Kayihura, asking him where he was. “We are headed to the DPP’s office sir,” he reportedly answered before the General ordered them to instead drive to his office in Naguru.

At Naguru, the team entered the IGPs office but he looked quite confused, uncomfortably shifting in his chair. The same question came out of him all the time he wanted to say something; “What do we do” was the only question he asked. As Okalanyi explained how they were going to proceed professionally as usual, a call came in, announcing Kaweesi’s murder, slapping an end to the meeting that wasn’t…

That’s what we managed to source from Mbuya today. We understand of other preferred charges. In the meantime, we can exclusively report that what was termed as ‘invitation’ by the CDF for a chat with Kayihura has developed to interrogation before being promoted to detention pending prosecution… Watch this space…           

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