the eastern black rhinoceroses
The eastern black rhinoceroses

Rwanda reintroduces the eastern black rhinoceroses in Akagera national parks after 10 years when they last existed in the park. Managed and maintained by African Parks in partnership with the Rwandan government to save wildlife, restore landscapes and ensure sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

African Parks is a non-profit conservation organization, which takes complete responsibility of rehabilitating as well as long-term management of national parks, wildlife reserves in partnership with governments and communities.

African Park has been trying to revive wildlife populations of Akagera national park, so as to grow the park’s tourism potential so that more visitors go visiting this beautiful park.

In the 1970’s Akagera national park had over 50 black rhinos, but the populations were gradually wiped out mostly because of poaching, diseases.

Today the government in partnership with African park is embarking on reviving wildlife in the Akagera national park and has installed anti – poaching units and rhino tracking units too keep an eye on these rhinos as they get used to the new jungle.

Akagera national park is a growing savannah park with wildlife growing with each year. In 2015, 7 lions were introduced in the park, and have reproduced and the numbers are doubling! Akagera is home to lots of animals including elephants, buffalo, giraffe and zebras, 11 antelope species, and elusive lions and leopards. Akagera national park is less exciting compared to other wildlife destination of Kenya, South Africa or even Uganda

What to do in Akagera national park

Akagera offers a variety of adventure activities for travellers who visit. Entering the park for international visitors goes for $40, $30 for East African residents and $5 for East Africans.

With the park entrance, you can have game drives in the park in the parks.

Game Drives

Advisable to hire a park guide as Akagera has few wildlife, the park guides are very much informed about places to locate these wildlife. At $25 for half days and $50 full day you can hire an experienced park guide to drive you through the park

Boat rides

Akagera national park offers scheduled boat trips along lake Ihema where you can have great views if hippos, birds, crocodiles. A 1-hour boat trip goes for $40 per person and takes a maximum of 11 people and Private groups of 11 people can still rent a personal boat

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Where to sleep while in Akagera national park

Ruzizi tented camp

High-end safari accommodation in individual spacious self contained tents in Akagera national park with great views of the park. The lodge is overlooking the lake and you have great views of Monkeys, baboons, hippos and abundant birdlife surrounds you.