Price is the key for the Customers
Price is the key for the Customers

Andrew Ssensanga Revenue Manager, Jumia Travel Uganda Shares insight on “Price is the key for the customers” at the Jumia Travel Hospitality Report

In terms of revenue management in Uganda, do most hotels have a basis in regards to the packages offered by OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) or their own terms?

The hotels set the packages they offer to OTAs on their own terms depending on the working relationship they have with us. But we also have terms of service based on the desire to have a hotel live on Jumia Travel. We work to ensure that we have the best rates online.

What is the main task of a Revenue Manager in Jumia Travel and what are the challenges faced?

An RM is an advisor, someone who advises hotels on how to get more business online: for instance, by introducing East African rates, bed only rates, and travel packages. The challenges can be summed up in: Uncooperative hotel managers, hotels have a problem with high 18%VAT and local tax they pay for each room occupancy which affects the minimum rate they are willing to give their hotel rooms at. This is also a challenge because as a result some hotels will not give any offers or discounted rates. Lastly, poor communication and low average use of the Extranet and other applications meant to ease processes.

There are so many team players in the Ugandan hospitality sector which highly influences the revenue trends as a whole, have you observed any of these trends?

In regards to team players influencing the revenue trends in Uganda, we have observed that the new East African community integration has enabled hotels push resident rates as well government taxes influencing hotel rates in the region.

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