CIP Records P.I: Facts Why Gen. Kale Cannot Clean Police of the Trash he Himself Littered the Force with

President Museveni (in the portrait) ought not to be at ease with Gen. Kayihura anymore

KAMPALA, Uganda: On the night of March 19th 2017 at Kasaana-Kulambiro, Kyanja Parish in Nakawa Division, the President of the Republic of Uganda, General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni aka Ssabalwanyi succumbed to his hitherto well-kept negative emotions’ swiftness down his throat.

In a tone that must have driven chilly liquids down the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura’s spine, the visibly angry and arguably resigned Commander in Chief did not only first excuse self to clear his voice but the bladder too. He shortly returned to announce how ‘Kayihura’s’ police is spiced with criminals.

“Category number three is police. All these murders, I have followed myself. There are always clues leading to the criminals but the criminals have infiltrated the police. You get a situation where they are intimidating the witnesses, and at times killing them,” said the president adding; “that is why the public fears to give information to the police and they look for me.”

The President was speaking at the vigil of the fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, who had been gunned down along with his driver and bodyguard two days earlier. Why the Commander in Chief of the country’s armed Forces chose to end his tough-laced speech with the hair-raising statements at that particular time and function, remains a conundrum to only those readers not privy with the Investigator stories about the fallen senior cop.

“Kale (IGP Gen. Kayihura), clean your house,” he concluded. And in this piece, we shall start with the president’s conclusion – Kale, clean your house, for it’s the only solution to save Country Uganda. The gist is however, how can Gen. Kayihura clean ‘his house’ who’s ‘criminal garbage’ he has himself littered for the last decade and is still asking for more? Read on…

Making sense of ‘Crime Infiltration in Police’ – CIP

Before and after the burial of AIGP Kaweesi on March 22nd 2017, Gen. Kayihura’s all-powerful P.A Jonathan Baroza came in the picture at the murder scene. He was seen dressed in forensic outfit and busy ‘working’ on reconstructing the scene. This has never been his department and or in line of his duty as the IGP’s Personal Assistant!

He probably failed to accomplish his mission on Friday the following day, his bodyguard, Judas Taddeo was arrested trying to scoop Kaweesi’s blood-soaked soils from the scene of crime. AIGP Fred Yiga ordered for Judas’ arrest but alas! He reportedly received a call from Baroza with ‘orders from above,’ instructing for the suspect’s immediate release! Was he being saved from turning a Judas Iscariot to anyone?

Well, for those who know Gen. KK’s modus operandi, he never disappointed. He immediately made a ‘major’ reshuffle in his office, dropping and sending all his assistants back to the Human Resource directorate for re-deployment. He however, stated in his message that Baroza was headed for a course. Forget that the fellow is fresh from a course in Rwanda.

The TRASH was swept under the carpet anyway, until the storm is calm and over. And Hey! This won’t take long. Remember, just like Americans, Ugandans forget as immediately as they can remember. That Baroza now mans the Naguru-based Witness Protection Unit is still an unconfirmed report.

The Andrew Kaweesi glance

A moment of silence… let him sleep well. OMG! I wouldn’t want to juggle into this again but for the smooth flow of these series, I can’t help it for now. In May 2015, the slain businessman Wilberforce Wamala’s Widow Elizabeth was invited from London to State House by the President Museveni. In response to the letter she had penned him, the First Citizen wanted to listen to her story.

Her ever loud, strong and yet unrefuted allegations that Cops AIGP Kaweesi, the now Elgon  Regional boss SSP Francis Chemusto and others were involved in her husband’s murder and/or jeopardizing the same investigations, is so popular in these pages (Read Cop Pins Boss AIGP Felix Kaweesi and Colleagues in the Tycoon Wamala Callous Murder)

At Entebbe, Elizabeth narrated her story to the ever attentive and composed son of the Late Amos Kaguta for over three hours. After the long listening, he rose from his chair, exhaled, stretched and looked Elizabeth and her brother Charles straight in the eyes before he declared; “I know my people. Now that they know you’ve seen me, you can’t make it to Kampala. You will have to sleep over till tomorrow when I get you security. Indeed he knows his people!

For, the following day, she left sandwiched with security and it has been the case whenever she comes home. After a day, Gen. Museveni again invited Elizabeth for a meeting whose members included Gen. Kale Kayihura and Public Prosecution Directorate boss Michael Chibita. Elizabeth re-narrated the story before the President. The CiC ordered for restoration and/or resurrection of the hitherto sleeping investigations with immediate effect.

Again, Gen. KK never disappointed us in the know. He immediately released a radio message transferring Kaweesi from Commandant KMP to a hitherto inexistent Directorate of Human Resource Development. (Read Gen Kayihura Shifts AIGP Felix Kaweesi to save his face as Presidential Investigations nears End). This was to remove him from the limelight such that the President do not regularly see or hear of him. The TRASH had just been momentarily swept under the carpet, anyway.

After Ugandans, (to KK, including the President himself) had, as usual, forgotten, the good General relieved CP Fred Enanga of his duties as the Force’s Spokesman and ‘sent’ him for a ‘course’ before replacing him with Kaweesi. But the President hadn’t completely forgotten. On March 16th 2017, he summoned the DPP, Kayihura and this time round, without KK’s knowledge, the case I.O William Okalanyi and his detective team.

The visibly bitter, exasperated Museveni re-ordered for the immediate resurrection and conclusion of the murder conundrums via which, three people including Wamala, his Shamba boy Sadique Mugerwa and a prime witness Hassim Ssali lost their lives. The following morning, Gen. KK called the meeting to forge a way how to again sweep the TRASH behind the door. But God had different plans this time. RIEP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Nixon Agasirwe Karuhanga

At the completion of the Senior Intermediate and Staff course at Bwebajja last Friday, a deafening heckling and jeering by the most senior police commanders surprised all and sundry. But why the loud jeering, moreover in the presence of the IGP himself? Well, the Chief Instructor, SSP Babrah Arongat had questionably announced Nixon Agasirwe, the winner of the Commandant Paper research prize!

Nixon and Hajji Abdu Ssemuju aka Minaana are some of the other Gen. Kale Kayihura’s blue-eyed criminals-cum-‘reformed’ civilians-cum-operatives whom he has, reportedly paraded to help him clean the Uganda Peoples’ owned Police Force. That the Gen. also presented them to the President as the angels to help him is still an unconfirmed report pending confirmation.

Welcome to Criminal Infiltrated Police (CIP) Records’ series.

Important to note: The above mentioned series are ready and with the editors, not the writer anymore. Watch this space…        

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