CIP Records: Operative Flees into Hiding after Accusing Nixon, Gen. Kayihura of Life Threats before Museveni

On the run: Ali Kabanda

KAMPALA, Uganda: Close to a month ago, he was left with no option. He had to flee the country or dance to the ugly tunes of the renowned torturous police operatives some of whom, he vividly knows of their potential. He chose the former.

A few days earlier, Ali Kabanda, hitherto a civilian Special Police Constable had chosen to play his last card by penning President Museveni a dossier, narrating how the police boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura and his rough guys headed by SSP Nickson Agasiirwe, had put his life on line.

The dossier, whose leaking in the social media angered the president and ordered for investigations, is dated May 12th 2017 is partly titled: RE: Threats on My Life by Gen. Kale Kayihura and… Operatives through SSP Nixon Agasiirwe over my Knowledge of their Wrong Deeds.

In the course of my duties, I landed on a lot of information with great wealth of intelligence. In most cases, these clues helped in apprehending the culprits but I realised with time, some of my supervisors/bosses had special, personal interests contrary to what the official work demanded,” Kabanda informed the president.

Kabanda, hitherto attached to several police operational units, said he was deeply involved in Eastern Uganda operations. His detective instincts helped him run into intelligence, he says, some of which instead garnered hatred from his supervisors who would chose to instead dust-bin his findings.

“On trying to raise my concerns about how they were doing a disgrace to the Police and government, I instead created enmity that has lately grown into strong desires to have me sorted out of action. Some of the incidences that have caused this is as explained below:”

The dossier, whose details we are not at liberty to reproduce, given its bits in security sensitivity, exhibited Gen. Kayihura as a man who works for personal and other people’s interests but hardly in the interest of his country Uganda. As usual, the same reached the police boss’ lads before the targeted recipient.

We can authoritatively report that on learning about the leakage of his dossier to the people he rubbed the wrong way, Kabanda caught the next bus to the neighbouring country. “Even there, he was not spared. He realised he was being trailed on two occasions. He had to relocate,” a close pal intimated.

The former operative, whose family members have also not been spared has kept into hiding. “We get different strangers on a daily basis with funny questions. They normally ask me about his whereabouts as they sweep the environs with their eyes,” Fatuma Kabanda, the wife says adding; “even the kids are terrified.”

Kabanda’s plight is also trailed into the Investigator CIP Records whose particulars, they suspect he leaked, since they had used and dumped him before they wanted to finish him off, courtesy of what he knew, regarding their ugly operations across borders.

The Investigator has independently established that Kabanda, who is believed to be back in the country, has gone deeper into hiding. This is after a good number of operatives have been unleashed to comb the entire country in his search. Some of his contacts he lately communicated with on phone have reportedly been interrogated to little or no success.

It is not clear whether the president has taken action yet but what is very clear is that the characters he meant to report to the First Citizen received the same instantly.

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